Meditations: On the Road with RockyDog

Well, we spent a great deal of the past year “on the road’ and had a lot of time to meditate and think about things.  This is a great country with lots of open country and great roads.  I was heartened to see lots of work being done on the infrastructure of the highways, bridges, etc.  as I traveled.  Yes, sometimes it was inconvenient for my traveling plans but I was happy that the work was being done. Except around Chicago as it was torn up everywhere with tolls and crazy clover leafs.  I was thankful for my Tom Tom in getting around much of the mess though.

Rocky wants to remind everyone to stop and smell the flowers, the grass, the dirt and the air as everything is wonderful and scents hold lots of secrets. IMG_2188 Sometimes he will fight to stay at one spot to continue to smell the ground.  Oh, and also don’t forget to “taste” life as well, put a little on your tongue and let the sensations travel up to your brain for a rush of good sensations or bad.  Just open up to life all around you.  It’s spring now and things are starting to quicken.


My Plum tree I planted two years ago. DSCF1994

Jasmine helped me plant these bulbs 2 years ago along with the ones in the opening picture. IMG_1411 She also helped me spread some of Eileen’s ashes in the soil to nourish the flowers here and elsewhere.  Eileen always liked flowers and usually wore one in her hair daily.  100_1266

Anyway, back to my meditations.  Traveling across the USA in a car with only my dog to keep me company left me with lots of time to think and contemplate on life.  And, spending two months in a foreign country with only a basic understanding of the language and customs also contributed to lots of time alone to meditate, think and feel.

Now what did I discover?  I’ve learned that life goes on within you and without you as George Harrison famously sang years ago.  We can either participate or not but it goes on and eventually it goes on after you are gone.  Time is an invention of man to mark space in life, but Life defies time by reoccurring time after time.  Different shapes, different forms but Life all the same.  Individuals die off and new ones take their place and only the love for them remain and then only as long as other individuals remember.

They say we only have one life to live but I know that even in this one life time I have lived many lives.  One as a child of wonder and curiosity, a singer of songs and crafter of stories and poems.  Another a marine fighting for mom and apple pie only to be awakened by the horrors of war to see the scam perpetrated by the merchants of war.  Then an anti-war activist writing songs against the killing and atrocities of war.

I went through my own brand of Hell after the war fighting for survival on the streets in Boston, New York, Miami and New Orleans.  Traveling across the country back to those haunts brought up a lot of memories and wonder that I even survived.  I had a life of a school boy going to school in New Hampshire, Boston, New Orleans and California learning a lot knowing a little.

Music ran throughout my life from my earliest memories of listening to my mother singing at home and at church. If there is one thing I always loved my mother for it was her singing and the music.IMG_1211

Oh, and her love of dogs.

Also, in my wanderings I have been a junkie, a musician, a therapist, a lover, a Dad, daddy father and even a small business owner.  I have been a teacher of parenting, communication, emotional management, relationship skills and mindfulness.  I have been a yogi (practicing for almost 50 years) a singer in Sunday Choirs, Master Chorales and rock bands.

I have explored spirituality and religions from the Catholic perspective through, Lutheran, Judaism, Taoism and Zen Buddhism.  I have lived in several areas of the USA – Northeast, East, South east, Deep south, Mid west and in the South West and Northwest.  I have visited several countries – Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Australia and Costa Rica and have found in all these places, identities, and philosophical stances share one common thread. People are people everywhere some good some bad, and some in between.

There is no perfect person nor perfect religion.  Religions all seem to be created out of the culture they grew from so that we create God in our image more then we are created in His.  Each culture has a different take on God but all cultures tend to create God. Atheist create a God that doesn’t exist as they are caught up in this belief.  God is created out of our beliefs.  Nothing more nothing less.

Now, I am not saying that God doesn’t exist or that He exists.  I am asking: “would He exist if Life did not?” And if He did “why?” What is the purpose of Life?  What would God’s purpose be if there were no Life?  It is clear that God has a purpose in our lives but do we have a purpose in God’s?

As you can see being on the road alone for long periods led to some strange thinking.  Anyway, I’ll check in later with more wanderings of a meditative mind, but right now I’m going to say good night.  DSCF1264


Rocky Dog



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