Lessons from on the Road with RockyDog

Hello everyone, anyone?

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything and it appears that I have become one with “rocky dog”.  We traveled over 10,000 miles together last year then,  was apart for two months while Steve channeled me Rocky from Costa Rica.  We’ve been together again about 25 days and it appears we’re one.  I am RockyDog.

Anyway, what did I learn from my travels?  One thing that stands out is what people have said many times before – not matter where you go there you are.  Happiness is found along the way not at the end of the road, though sometimes the end can  also bring a lot of Joy.  Fun is a major ingredient in happiness and everybody, everywhere loves to have fun, dogs, parrots, horses and people, black, white, brown, asian – everyone. DSC_0435 copia  We all laugh and cry  in the same language and a smile is a universal calling card inviting people in.


Oh, and a little bit of banana helps when you’re inviting a capuchin monkey into the boat.

Friends are important and togetherness beats being alone.

Family is important and fun.


Alone is fine and sometimes is essential in finding yourself.  S0011850I think that is the meaning of Rocky being blocked at the airport for the trip to Costa Rica.  It also demonstrated the value of family and Love.  I am forever grateful to Ash and Daniela for taking care of Rocky while we were split apart.

The trip around the country taught me how much I love my country.

  • “I”ve got the country in my heart
  • and I pray I’ll never part
  • from my head down to my toe
  • I’ve got the country in my soul”
  • I’ve  learned that life is an endless game
  • from birth to life through death
  • and back again.
  • And Love is the only thing
  • that endures
  • and for which we sing.
  • Love everybody, that’s all you have to do
  • Love everyone and Be you
  • I said, Love everybody that’s all you have to do
  • Love everyone – don’t forget you.

Check back for more lessons on life from Rockydog



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