Goodbye to Jaco

When I first got to Jaco I wasn’t sure I was going to last 56 days, it was too hot, I was tired, couldn’t speak the language (still can’t) and my GPS was mostly worthless.  Well, time went by quickly and here I am leaving and saying goodbye.

Sunday afternoon I had Mark DSCF1265and Brenda DSCF1263over for some bar-b-que and it was a real nice time. I forgot to get pictures when they were at the houseDSCF1974 but I had a couple of pictures from the Bar-B-Que on the beach the night of the full moon though the lighting was bad I included them here to give them tribute.    I just met them through my cousin Wayne Suttner – “thanks Wayne.” They are from Canada but are fast becoming ex-pats here in Costa Rica completing the construction of their house up on the hills overlooking La Playa Hermosa.DSCF1064

They are a little south of here but I couldn’t resist putting up another picture of this beach.

Anyway, they came and wished me farewell and told me to come back again next year.  Don’t know?  But, if I do I’d do it differently and possibly stay in Los Esterillos or around there.  Jaco was fun but it’s quite a tourist place.DSCF1971DSCF1968

The beach was long and I had a wonderful time meditating,DSCF1907 running, DSCF1313swimming and riding the waves.

Surfering safari
Surfering safari

Ja, ja I wish!  No, I bodysurfed and had a great time doing that.  I would do yoga for about 45 minutes, run for another 45 minutes to an hour, get a long drink of water, then  go out into the waves to cool off, swim, float around and take some awesome rides that would take me all they back to the beach. One thing I won’t miss is this bird as he and his cohorts called reveille – all night long.DSCF1978

I am now in San Jose – actually Alajuela where the airport is  located and the Inn I’m staying in.  DSCF1979DSCF1981Tomorrow, I fly out around noon and then get to hang out around the Miami airport before boarding my flight back to Phoenix where I’ll get in around Midnight Phoenix time which will be around 1 a.m. my time.  So, needless to say I think I’ll be tired when I get in.  I’m glad my son Ash is going to pick me up and I am looking forward to seeing him, Daniela and Rocky Dog.DSCF1016IMG_1248

Well, I’m going to hit the sheets and turn in now but I’ll leave you with a few sunsets from the beach in Costa Rica.



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