Esterillos, Oeste: Music and Crafts Fiesta

Well, yesterday I did yoga at home before heading out to Los Esterillos.  Since, I’m staying on this diet plan of not eating between 8pm and 10am I decided to eat breakfast at Las Olas en La Playa Hermosa.  This is just one of their tablesIMG_2119 and it faces the beach where I watched waves and surfers playing in the sun.

Occasionally, a pretty chica would stroll by, pose and lie in the sun.DSCF1731

After eating a las olas waffle sandwich and drinking a pineappe/ginger/strawberry power drink, I was ready to move on to Esterillos.

The Festival wasn’t going to start until noon so I had some time to kill, so I  drove past Esterillos Oeste, through Esterillos, Centro past Esterillos Este and past the next beach La Playa Bejuco almost to Quepos before turning around.  I stopped to get some pictures of real estate.

Here is a place that isn’t completely finished where they are trying to create a whole city right off the beach.  I think this is suppose to be some kind of shopping center for this new town being built by some developer.DSCF1960 Across the street heading to the beach is a complex of houses for the people.  DSCF1958You can see a little of the ocean over the roof tops on the right. I didn’t get a good shot of the houses but they appear to be pretty much the same with tile roofs and white walls. They appear to be too tightly packed for my tastes – too dense of a development

Here are some houses across the street from Estrillos Centro where I took the horse back ride  on the beach previously. There are several for sale and I believe they run around $300,000 but are high on the hill with a good view of the ocean.  They also are well suited for any rise in sea level being high on the hill above the tidal flat.  DSCF1962DSCF1963 Right around the corner is the ranch where I went horseback riding and saw some Toucans  DSCF1780 They tell me Scarlet MaCaws can also be seen but I’ve only seen them in cages

Hybrid Macaw in the foregroud Red Macaws                   Hybrid Macaw in the foregroud Red Macaws

Or flying overheadDSCF1911 Anyway on to the festival which was just down the road.  Of course the road isn’t one most people would expect to a nice beach.  It was more fit for a 4 wheeling adventure.  The road was full of holes, much of it not covered with anything just rock and dirt and dust.  Some of the holes needed to be circumnavigated they were so big.  However, then you get to the beachDSCF1752  I was still a little early so I decided to take a swim and do some sun bathing.  The water was refreshing though the tide was going out I managed to swim through the waves and float around a bit before hitching a ride on a wave to the shore.  It was fun and I got a little exercise so all there was to do now was to lie down and listen to the sounds of the ocean and breeze through the palm trees.  Pura Vida

When I got up I went back in the ocean for a bit to cool off and wash off some of the sand before taking a stroll to the festival that was just setting up as I came through earlier. I was a little disappointed as there were very little arts and crafts for sale and much of the festival was geared for children.  It was like a school fundraiser and pretty low key. They did have some music and a big line up so I stopped and listened to Esteban .IMG_2123 The sound system was not that great but they had spirit. The girl playing the violin looked to be 15 or so and very pregnant.  I had a Margarita and then went to check out the arts and crafts.  Like I said they didn’t have much and wasn’t able to find anything I wanted. So I left.

I went back to the Casa, took a skinny-dip in the pool, read a little  – I finished the book “the Paris Wife” about Hemingway’s first marriage.  It wasn’t bad but in the historical novel vein – some truths some fantasies.  Anyway, then I took a siesta waking up a couple hours later, played some music, took a shower and got ready to go to Jaco for dinner and possibly some night life.IMG_1598 I strolled around Avenue Pastor Diaz for a little while checking out different menus but I ended up getting a cheeseburger at Kokomo’s and watching the people go by

Oh, and I also has a shot of TequilaIMG_2124  However, when the waiter asked if I wanted another one I declined thinking I could get into some real trouble if I went further down that route. However, I also could have let caution go to the wind and maybe had a great time. Who knows?  Anyway, I then strolled the avenue a bit checking out places and people.  I was checking out this place called the ‘hang out’ thinking it would be fun to go into if I had someone to talk to. A group of three husky ladies started checking me out and I decided to move on.  They weren’t my type.

Well that’s it as then I went back to the house and played around with music until I fell asleep.  Today, I have nothing planned for the morning , but this afternoon Brenda and Mark are coming over for a BBQ.  It should be fun.  Mark and Brenda are quite amiable and are  really is into being an ex-pats They are building their house on the hills outside of Hermosa and are quiet excited about it..  They  have been kind during my stay and I want to thank them for their hospitality.

Anway, that’s it from Jaco on my last Sunday here.

Adios AmigosIMG_1944


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