Hiking Around Jaco

Well, this is going into my last weekend here in Costa Rica I’m sure there is so much more to see but I’ve had a great time. I wanted to see some Toucans and I did while horseback riding in Los EsterillosDSCF1780DSCF1778

I also wanted to see some Macaws.  I saw a couple at the animal rescue but they were in cages

Hybrid Macaw in the foregroud Red Macaws
Hybrid Macaw in the foregroud Red Macaws

and yesterday while meditating a couple flew over me DSCF1911

So, today I thought I’d get a chance to see a few more plus a great view of Jaco and hiked the ecological path rising above south beach Jaco.  The first part of the hike (it was steep) had some interesting murals on the walls on the side of the path.


It was all real artful and nicely done even the artist’s name and telephone number was includedDSCF1935

This was in the beginning of the hike which then turned more into a climb. It appears the trail is popular with hikers, runners and mountain bikers of which I ran into a few.  There was even a snake on the path.DSCF1917

The snake is on the right side of the road in case you missed it due to the presences of a couple of the “runners”.

The views were awesome

Almost up to the top of the mountain there is the ruins of what I’m told was suppose to be a restaurant.  DSCF1918

The pathway to the ruinsDSCF1945

As you can see there is a lot of graffiti on these 20th century ruins. What amazed me was the lack of graffiti on the engraved art in the beginning.  I guess even taggers have some respect for art.  In fact some of the graffiti in the restaurant looks like it could have been part of the crazy scheme.DSCF1943

However, there was some obvious american touches like “Petaluma 2014” and a few others.  Anyway, I prefer to think of this place as a rich man’s fantasy crumbling to the sea – eventually.  Visions of Jimi Hendriks were evoked on the hike  “Castles made of Sand”.

I found a nice place to do some yoga and a long meditationDSCF1940

I had the whole place to myself as I came early.  Later there were several people coming into the place as I was leaving, but I got to stretch, do some proud warrior, Tree and a long sit without disturbance.  I heard several birds including I am sure some Toucans but only saw a few little birds today.

Later I came down got some gas for my car and took a run on the beach

and went back to the Casa to make some breakfast and take a siesta. I was awakened by the sounds of the workmen cleaning the grounds and pool. They use blowers to just blow the leaves away which gets dust everywhere so I had to close the doors making the Casa hotter and retreat to the lone bedroom with air conditioning.

Since this is my last Friday night in Jaco I plan to go out and get some pictures from around town. Tomorrow I want to go to Los Esterillos for a music and art festival and plan to leave early so I won’t be out too late.  The problem is the action gets going around 9 pm and my eyes don’t do well at night these days so by that time I’m ready to go home.

Well, we’ll see what tonight brings.IMG_1685

That’s it for now.  Check back for more pictures and story later.




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