Horses and Waterfalls

Here is my riding group – the vaqueros.  We’re returning from the waterfalls and pools and stopping to give the horses a little rest before the climb back down.  These horses were truly beasts of burden carrying our sore asses up and down this mountain.  Some of the riders had no control of their horses and  just let their horse follow the herd trying to stay close together.  I think they were more concerned with staying on the horse.

However, the horses were amicable and the one I had well trained in following standard cues in riding even though he also wanted to join in with the herd bunching up I was able to keep him in check.  There was a cute chick (she reminded me of Eileen a little when she was young) who also had more experience with horses that actually controlled her horse.  At times around the others it was either a scramble up or a bunching up going down.  Oh, and a little dusty on the trail.

along the way we passed through a pasture with some horses and babies.

This tree is in it’s dormant state and the green growing on it are some type of bromeliad or some type of epiphyte. Some trees have so many it’s hard to tell the host tree from the symbiotic plants

After some scrambling up some pretty steep trials and then down a little it was time to ditch the horses and hike – down to the waterfalls.  There were steps in the slope but I felt a little like Jack in the Beanstalk following giant steps.  One of the women agreed.  Going down I was trying not to think about the need to go back up as the trail got steeper and longer.  Eventually, we arrived at our destination – the water falls.DSCF1888

Soon we were all stripping down to our bathing suits and jumping in the pools


One of the pretty ladies asked me if I wanted her to take my picture. When she looked at it she declared it “awesome” I wonder if any of you agree?DSCF1898

I even took a turn sliding down the water fall.  The guide captured it on video but I can’t upload it to this page due to formatting problems.  It is on my Facebook wall for those friends who might like to see me being foolish at 66.  Here’s a picture a of pretty lady doing what I did but much more eloquently.DSCF1883

After playing around in the water, putting my head under the waterfall in the top pool we all were cooled off after the ride. Our guide also took a dip in the pool to the delight of some of the ladies.  He was in great shape doing this trip 2 times a day including the hike and carrying provisions for us.  That’s him taking the picture of this family under the water fall. DSCF1894

Our guide at Los Sueños introducing himself – Roy “Rogers” Chavez.DSCF1869

Well, after having some fresh fruit and water we all dried off and headed back up the mountain.  It was quite a workout a stair stepping exercise but much more fun that doing it in a gym.  I got a workout as did most everyone else even the youngsters who were running on the way down slowed up quite a bit.  When we got to the horses most of the group couldn’t tell which horse was theirs, but there was an older vaguero that was minding the horses and making sure everything went alright who knew helping those that forgot.

I recognized my gelding a guy named Panameño and we reunited for our trip back home. He did all the work and I just tried to stay out of his way and make sure he didn’t crowd the other horses.  For his part he listened well to cues and we had a nice leisurely ride back to the ranch.  I kept a look out for birds and other animals (monkeys) but only saw a couple of small parakeets. We did hear some Toucans and possibly some Macaws but it was still hot in the day for them to be moving around so we didn’t see any.

When I got back I was pretty tired so stayed in and took a siesta until dinner when I had some spaghetti and opened up a bottle of wine.  Needless to say after opening the bottle I didn’t feel like going anywhere else and basically just laid around, meditated and played the guitar.

Today, there is nothing planned but to go to the beach do some yoga and run.  Then it’s time to start organizing my things better as I leave this house next Tuesday.  The only things planned for this week are the festival in Los Esterillos, Oeste and a Bar- B- Que on Sunday. I’ll  keep you posted as they say as to any new developments in the continuing saga of Rockydogsblog. Until then here’s another picture of the Vaqueros of HerraduraDSCF1901



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