Zipline Adventure: Letting it all hang out

Well, today was the Zipline at Los Sueños in Herradura.

I started out the day with my morning meditation, coffee, news, email and check in with my friends on face book.  One of the great things about Facebook is the ability to communicate with people who are far away and participate in their lives – albeit in the cybernetic universe.  I still miss the sounds, aromas, feel and touch of physical relationships.

After my morning ritual I needed to pick up some things and secure some of my belongs as workmen were coming to work on a problem with the air conditioner. Thought I think they were going to work on the results of the bad A/C – the crumpling stucco not the A/C itself which is horrible, noisy, doesn’t cool well, and costs a bunch to run.  Anyway, they never showed up.

As I am getting my things together for the biplane I start thinking.  Which often leads to more thinking and anxiety.  “It’s going to be pretty high up”; “What if I can’t stop?” “Will I get nervous” , etc., you get my drift.  Of course then anxiety starts up with a little squirt of adrenaline.  I kept directing my mind back to “the adventure” and turned the anxiety into excitement.


I got there early so was one of the first to be fitted out for my gear in the group, though I ended up being the last person to zip the line.   I had some time to mingle with the group, there were a couple of people on a cruise that had stopped in Puntarenas so one of them took this picture while we waited.  They also went over the safety features and immediately all my questions of the morning were answered.  I was relaxed yet excited.

We rode up the mountain  in  a converted log cart behind a tractor.  It was quite a steep ride and we rose over 700 vertical feet to the first station.  There were 12 cables and 14 platforms.  The platforms were set on rings arounds optima beautiful huge trees. One tree the guide said was 500 years old and it was huge around it’s girth and we were way up above other trees in height and it went up higher still.  I think it was some kind of Cedrela which is a type of Cedar. Anyway, it was a big old tree.

The platforms were interesting in that they had wood block around with tight cables and other pressure type connections so none of the cables bore into the tree trunk preserving the integrity of the tree.  Though, I wonder if the tree liked it.  However, this way people get to tour the old growth forest without disturbing the ground or wild animals.  I didn’t see any monkeys or other wild animals  however, some of the sounds made by the tourist, myself included, DSC_0435 copia while zipping along the lines sounded like wild animals and I’m sure would have scared most of them away.

It was exciting and I got some great views of some of the old growth forest and the bay.  I saw a few parakeets and butterflies and some kind of hawk but no Macaws nor Toucans.  We did hear some Toucans but couldn’t spot them in the trees. The guide says they are generally seen in the early morning tour.

After the tour, I booked a horseback waterfall tour for tomorrow.  So, stay tuned for horses and waterfalls tomorrow.  Just check the follow link at the bottom of the blog to get notifications of new entries.  Oh, and don’t forget to click “Like” if you appreciate the blog.

It past lunch and all I had for breakfast was some yogurt and fruit so I went to Los Sueños Marina to check out the Japanese restaurant there – Bambu.  It was air conditioned with some big fans slowly circulating the air and was quite pleasant.  However, they didn’t have wifi  though in the end it did not matter as the services was top notch and preparation was quick.  I got the yellowfin Tuna Taco that had mango and avocado that was by far the best fish taco I’ve had yet.IMG_2114

The tuna was seared with a little marinade and crispy taco shells.  I got a Sapphire Martini that was also just right.  Pura Vida.  The only thing that could make this better is if I had someone to share it with.  No matter what I do, where I go I see couples families playing and talking with each other, friends going on adventure together.  I join in and I talk and laugh with them but eating lunch or waiting in line I am reminded that I am alone.

I”ve got just over a week to go before I see my buddyIMG_1248

Rocky Dog as well as my son and daughter-in-lawDSCF1016

That’s it for tonight swinging through the trees – “It’s the great white ape” Apollo

Howling like a wolf as he zips through the trees at speeds of up to 45 mph. Cow a bunga!



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