Hello My Name Is Apollo

I greet you and hope that you are doing well.  I know you have a lot on your plate right now and only wish to distract you a few moments in the hopes that you can share is some of the adventure.  Friday,  was a long hike on a deserted beach – La Playa Hermosa.DSCF1759

I walked until I found a good meditation spot a little palm covered lean to where I watched the waves coming in and going out with my breath coming in and going out.


I started out with a veggie crepe and pineapple juice at my favorite breakfast place on the beach.DSCF1836

While watching the surfers play in the waves.

Surfering safari
Surfering safari

However, by the time I got back from my hike (about 8 miles) the tide was coming in and it became more difficult to walk on the ever slopping beach with softer sand so I got quite a work out for my legs and feet.  Especially, coming after a 2 hour horseback adventure the day before so I was pretty sore.

I  lost one of my sandals on the hike as I had them attached to my backjpack and one of them must have either slipped off walking or when I had the pack on the ground during my meditation.  Whatever, but it created a problem later when I had to cross the black sand away from the water to get back to the car.  That sand was hot and burned the soles of my feet.  Since I had one sandal it hopped a lot but still hustled across the burning sand with one foot extremely painful.
I had another pair of sandals in the car so I was alright and the sandal that was lost was quite worn so it’s not a great deal.  I was tempted to just chuck the other one out to the sea like in the movie where this woman walks the Pacific Crest Trail and loses one of her boots.  However, since I was hauling back some trash that I found along the beach (mostly plastic) I didn’t think it would be wise to pollute the ocean more.  Of course, once I had to cross the burning sand I was glad I had at least one sandal. I probably looked pretty silly hopping on one foot them quickly stepping on the other going “ow ow ow” as the sand burned the sole of that foot.  Needless to say I was happy to get on the grass.
So, Saturday I decided to make it a rest day and stayed in cleaning up the house and playing some music until the electricity went out. This has happened frequently but this time it wasn’t coming back on right away so I decided to go out for breakfast after my morning meditation, checking the news and a cup of coffee. I returned to one of my favorite beach restaurants at the southern end of Jaco above the Tiki Bar. IMG_1702
After breakfast I took a drive over to Herradura to check out the Marina IMG_2032

National Geographic was thereDSCF1859

along with a Jimmy Hendricks themed yacht “Kiss the Sky” flying a British flag (maybe Noel Reddings?)DSCF1857

and to book a zip line tour for Monday.  However, I ended up going to the Zip line place in Herradura to book the adventure at a place called “los Sueños  (dreams) adventures”.  The girl at the desk was actually standing outside of her office as she preferred the “hot” to the cool air conditioned office she was in saying it was “too cold”. I thought it was fine and it was too hot at 88 degrees F outside, but hey I’m not native.

Anyway, I got the zip line booked and can get a discount for a 3 hour horseback ride to a waterfall through the jungle which I will probably book for Tuesday or Wednesday next week.  Not beach riding this timeDSCF1792 but jungle and swimming in the pools at the waterfall.  It should be fun too.
The Zip line adventure is over 2 miles on with 14 platforms and views of the Pacific Ocean and jungle beneath.  The horseback tour promises Macaws and other colorful birds,etc.  So stay tuned for future posts to see some of these beautiful sites.  They don’t recommend bringing cameras on the zip line but if possible I’ll get some pictures from the platforms.
Now to address Apollo. One of the songs I am working on here.

Hello my name is Apollo
I like to run by the sea
my footsteps all rhyme with the passage of time
as my feet slap wet sand by the sea

Come with me now and follow
follow me down by the sea
feel the hot sun warming your skin
as you jump in the waves for a swim

This morning while running in Jaco 
The sun shinning off the wet sand
I saw near naked bodies soaking up sun
and thought to myself Pura Vida
Now and then, a wave washes to my knees slowing me down
I’m wading and waiting for the wave to recede
so I can get back to my run
I like to do yoga in the morning 
before I take off for my run
Salutes to the sun sending love to everyone
as I sit on the sand by the sea
The sound of the ocean around me
the crashing and rippling sounds
of waves out at sea, and white water swash
as the waves come rolling towards me
I see the  waves breaking before me
Rolling and crashing on the sand
meditations done it’s time for my run
and my feet slap wet sand by the sea
Now and then, a wave washes to my knees slowing me down
wading and waiting for the wave to recede
so I can get back to my run
How I love what’s before me
Teaching me to slow down
No need to please just do as you please
Everyone say  -  “Pura Vida”
Pura Vida!
I love life - Pura Vida!
Pura Vida!
living life - pura vida!
I’m running again through the beach sands of Time
running and enjoying my life
Thinking to myself I’m glad for my health
as my feet slap wet sand by the sea
People pass by me and smile
as I run mile after mile
My foot slapping rhyme on the wet sands of Time
and I say to my self Pura Vida
A foot slapping rhythm is keeping the time
as my feet slap wet sand by the sea
as my feet slap wet sand by the sea

Well that's it from Central America for today. Time to go 
to the beach for yoga, a run and a swim before breakfast.  

Namaste and Pura Vida
Apollo (standing in for Steven)

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