Two Toucans singing their love song

Hola Amigos

Yesterday, I went for a horse back ride on the beach at Los Esterillos.  We started in this rather nice neighborhood (Monterey by the sea) in Costa Rica where there are houses with pools and land for $300,000. On the way to the beach we were greeted by the song of these Toucans.  I was beginning to wonder if I would see any Toucans but there they are high in the tree.  This morning I saw 2 Macaws flying overhead while I was doing yoga on the beach in Jaco, but didn’t have my camera with me.

Anyway, back to my ride.  It was a little over 2 hours and we got to ride, trot and gallup on the beach as well as wading in the water with the horses.  I noticed a couple of the horses licking at the water that was being splashed up.  I think they were using it as their own salt block. The horses were a type similar to the mustang small but sturdy.DSCF1792

This girl handled me quite well and despite my lack of spanish she understood, heal pressure, knee pressure, sit bone changes, leaning and other signals very well.  I rode with a group of other experienced riders so our guide mostly ignored us except to take some pictures and spend most of his attention on the prettiest lady in the group.DSCF1782DSCF1788

This is Diego and he was quite knowledgeable about his horses.  He tried to do a lariat demonstration but missed his target badly. However, he was of good humor and very friendly to all – especially the ladies.  He lives at the ranch which he runs with his brother who lives in Jaco.  As I said the ranch is in the midst of a really nice real estate development on the hills overlooking the beach.  Some of the places are really fancy.  I’ll have to get some pictures the next time I’m down that way.  Here’s our group.DSCF1811

This was a sunset ride so I’ll give you some sunset pictures as well

Today, I got up early, did my yoga watching the tide come in at Jaco and was pleasantly surprised with a couple of other people doing yoga at the end of the beach I prefer It has more flat space and some palm trees that provide shade.  A man was doing proud warrior poses and we greeted each other with a Namaste.  As I walked to my spot under the palm tree I passed a young lady who first took off her outer layer showing a thong bikini, then did a head stand right in front of me as I walked past.  It was hard not to look so I looked. She had a great body and very flexible with great balance.

Later she took a swim came back and did some kneeling positions that kinda took my focus away from my own exercise.  I was doing Rishi’s poses where you concentrate on the back of the hand, but my eyes kept straying to her butt which was well shaped tanned and oiled.  Of course everyone had a sheen of perspiration and sun tan oil on as the sun is strong even at 0730.

After yoga, I took a 5 mile run on the beach but the tide was getting near full so I had to slow down several times as the waves washed to my knees. Where I would wade and wait for the wave to recede before getting back to my run.  One problem with running in the water is my ankles are getting a little burned as the sun screen washed off quickly in the water.  Also, some of the back flow of the waves after they get heated by the dark sand under hot sun is quite warm almost burning on my ankles.

After, the run, I took a swim and played riding the waves for about 30 minutes alternating between swimming and body surfing while watching the surfers. Again, there were some pretty female surfers riding those waves as well.  No matter what I do to try to get my mind off of the ladies they keep presenting themselves right in front of me. And, at the beach often in very little clothing.  What’s a man to do?

After swimming I drove to my favorite smoothie place where they have some great fruit smoothies – Fruitarica.  While sipping on my Banana, Mango, and Strawberry smoothie on the stools outside of the stand I was greeted with the site of these iguana’s coming up to the fruit stand where they were given some refuse from the fruit.  They appeared to be actually expecting their own fruit salad.IMG_2091

At one point there must have been 8 iguanas strolling around looking for fruit handouts.  They really are quite funny as mostly they move slowly with their bellies dragging but when they want to go fast they hike up their bellies and scamper quite quickly for short periods.

Well, that’s it for today. I’m getting ready to go into Jaco for some more music and some good food.  I”ve less then two weeks now before I leave. I still want to get some zip lining adventure in and drive down south of Manuel Antonio where I’m told there are some even nicer beaches that are not commercialized yet as they only recently finished paving the road there.

One thing I’v noticed is the rapid pace of growth around here with road crews tearing up roads, putting new ones in, painting them and doing it all quickly.  They even work on Sundays.  They start early in the am but quit by the afternoon. Infrastructure is constantly being worked on. New power lines going south and even the beach at Jaco has improved in the little over a month I’ve been here. They are building parking areas and putting in a board walk (concrete).  It is obvious that this Central American country is doing quite well and they use US dollars easily as a lot of their income is tourists. Pura VidaDSCF1780


Steve sans Rocky dog.

P.S. Ash tells me Rocky is doing well and I can’t wait to get back to see him. Today on my run I had flashes of him running besides me.  I miss my buddy.


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