Los Esterillos Oeste High Tide

Hola mis amigos

Today I went to Los Esterillos to get a picture of the mermaid with the water around her during high tide.  I got there just after high tide then took a long hike about 10-14 miles on the beach and got back by low tide.  I stopped for lunch at the Monterey Del Mar Hotel and Restaurant.DSCF1760

Where I started with a Cerveza and just sat back and took everything in.IMG_2058

While looking out at a beautiful vista with ocean, horses, flowers and birds.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the most colorful birds as they flew by rather quickly, but I did get a couple of shots of some birds on my walk.


The first shot is of some type of vultures having a convention on the beach.  The second one is a white Ibis or something like it. The sun doesn’t do it’s snow white color justice in this picture.

Then I had Pescado entero which was Red snapper and very delicious. DSCF1767

Then, it was another beer and the hike back to the car at the other end of the beach.DSCF1759

As you can see it is a very long beach.  In fact, it is 4 beaches with river’s coming to the ocean separating them. The name Esterillos comes from the Spanish words “esteros” and “rios” (estuaries and rivers), and each of the four beaches is separated from each other by river mouths emptying into the ocean.

In fact, the river between Los Esterillos Oeste and Centro was rather deep when I went across it going to Centro, though when I returned and the tide was out it was less of a problem on the beach.

DSCF1755The beach as you can see is not built up and is bordered by some beautiful tropical forest/jungle.  The roads from the main road to the beach are horrible with hole, dirt and rocks slowing anyone down.  I took one big hole in the middle of the paved part of the road pretty hard.  I was concerned about my tire being low (which it was) and before I left to come back I almost changed the tire it was so low.  But I chanced it and drove to the service station back in Jaco where an attendant filled it up as well as checked the other tires for me. Mucho gracias.

If I were to relocate here in Costa Rica or invest in some property Los Esterillos area would be my choice.  You can see the empty hills overlooking the beach  and even beach front property sitting empty.  There are signs saying Se Vende (For Sale) all over the place.  I checked on line and there are some nice beach houses with gated lots, etc. for sale under $300,000.  Also, there are lots and hectares for sale that can be built on, some of it is very nice horse country.DSCF1761

I plan to come back Wednesday for a horse back tour of jungle and beach. We should also take in the sunset as it is scheduled late in the day.

I found some neat shells on my hike some with holes in them that could easily be made into earrings or a pendent.DSCF1773

Well, it’s time for me to hit the road again.  Since my beach excursion I came back to the house, showered, took a swim in the pool, laid around the pool a bit then took my siesta before working on this blog.  Now, I need to go to dinner and hopefully catch some good music at the Green Room in Jaco.

Adios Amigos



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