Las Olas -My Favorite Breakfast Spot

Hola Amigos

Another couple of days in Costa Rica  I don’t know but I could get used to this I may not go back to work at all.  I get up before dawn have a nice 20 minute meditation to start the day. Then a cup of Joe, while I check my email, read the news. I see that Bernie is on fire in NH and Trump won the Stump the Chumps contest (apologies to my Republican friends but I couldn’t resist the rhyme and teasing). Pura Vida!

After digesting the news I practiced some flute and guitar sight reading and learning some new material by Rodriquez y Gabriella that I’d be lucky if I could approximate the speed of some of the notes, changes and rhythmic expressions of these two great guitarists. Then I notice there is a third guitar part as well.  Ah, never underestimate the power of overdubbing.

Then, it’s off to the Beach for Yoga, meditation, a hike and breakfast.  Today like Monday I chose La Playa Hermosa and I have to say – Pura Vida.  As I was closing my gate I met my next door neighbor Pablo who was very nice spoke okay English and explained his wife Paulina speaks better english. He offered to help me if I need anything.  I real pleasant and friendly guy. Buenos Dias.

Here’s my Yoga spot.  The first picture is my mat on the beach looking at the jungle and obviously the next one is facing the Pacific Ocean.  This morning I did a Tonglen practice opening up to and accepting pain, anger, hate, depression and mental suffering of myself and others while sending out with the waves Lovekindness and Peace to the world and to all of those I know who are suffering from these inflicted emotional and physical states.  Om Mani Padme Hum.

Today was quite different then  on Monday where I went to this same beach but didn’t check the tide tables again.  I had planned to do yoga, then a run then breakfast.  Everything was going according to plan and I was in the final yoga pose (Sivasana) and was entering a real blissful state.  When all of a sudden I found myself soaked in warm, salty, sea water all the way up to the top of my mat.

Needless to say, I was immediately brought to full consciousness.  My first thoughts were someone was throwing a bucket of water on me but then I realized the ocean had just rolled over me like another lump on the sand.  I was surprised as the ocean was going out when I started my yoga.  However, I didn’t check the tide tables and when I did I realized that it was set to turn soon and I found a low flat place to do my yoga thinking I would noticed when the water got to my feet.

Guess again, ole King Neptune said to Apollo as he lay in the sand in reverie and sent a rogue wave crashing on top of him.  I had to laugh, I was drenched, my stuff was all wet and my phone was starting to float away while the key to the car was sinking in the sand. Well, I got all my stuff together and walked deeper up onto the beach where my sandals had floated from the wave.

Now, I’m all wet even my towels and backpack.  Luckily my phone was in a waterproof case but my wallet and passport was wet along with my money.  But, I’m alright so what else can you do but laugh.  Neptune pulled a fast one on me.  Ja ja ja    I got all my things to the car, hung my sandy wet towel on the spare tire and started off on my run.  I only did a short run when I realized it was around 10 am and I wanted to go to this breakfast place Las Olas on the beach so I cut the run short and went to Las Olas.

As you can see breakfast or Desayuno was mucho gusto. Monday’s breakfast was: coffee, pineapple juice, cheese omelet, home fries and toast.  The amazing thing is they let me eat there despite the fact that I was wet, sweaty, no shirt and full of dirt.  No shirt, no shoes, no problem.  I did go to the bathroom to wash up a bit before breakfast.

This is the same place Chris, Chase and I went and watched a sunset and they told us they had great breakfasts, so I thought I’d check it out. They do have great breakfasts and they appear popular with they young people.  There is a hostel there ($15 a night) the young people seem to have  a ratio of 2-3 pretty girls for every 1 boy as well as a spa that provides massages on the beach.  The waitresses are pretty and speak very good english but are really slow. No rush, no hurry, no worry – pure vida.

After breakfast it was back to the casa, wash off me, all my soaked, salty and black sand covered things then, a swim in the pool.  Like I said “I could get use to this”.  Then it was siesta time until 3:30 and I got up dressed and went into Jaco.  I considered going to the Beatle Bar but instead when grocery shopping. On my way back I drove past the Beatle Bar and as I was driving by and looking in a pretty “red head” in sexy attire smiled and waved at me invitingly.  But, I had refrigerated stuff to get into the refrigerator so no stopping for a drink for me.

Yesterday, was more about taking care of business as I needed a new cable for my iPhone and needed to check on a key regarding my car with Adobe Rent A Car in Herradura.  But first, I went for a 5 mile run on Jaco beach from one end to the other and back.DSCF1313

Then, breakfast at Clarita’s on the beach in Jaco.

I did some cleaning and house work, worked on a new song (Apollo)and started working on the Rodriquez y Gabriella piece “Vikingman”. Oh, and I hung out by the pool. That’s not me but’s its the pool and I pretty much did something similar. DSCF1299 taking several dips and strokes, sunning and reading and just relaxing.  Pura Vida

Today, I decided to go back to Hermosa for yoga and a hike (it’s about a 7 mile long beach) . So I checked the tide tables before leaving the house this time.  Even though I got up at 0430 I needed to wait until the tide was most of the way out ( to get a flat dry place) but still had an hour to go before coming back in which was about 0830. So I headed off to Hermosa feeling pretty good.

This time I did a nice long yoga and was not drenched by the sea, had a nice run and even picked up some plastic trash while there. I read where the plastic in the ocean is starting to choke up the oceans eco system. It’s everyone’s duty to pick up this debris of humanity. DSCF1696

Then, it’s Desayuno  at Las Olas (The Waves).DSCF1733

The view

The tableDSCF1716

Breakfast: Pinapple/strawberry/ginger smoothie, Las Olas Waffles con fruita (Pineapple, banna, mango and watermelon) Mucho Gusto.


Needless to say it was hard to keep my mind on eating with all the beauty around me DSCF1731

These ladies just walked up and laid down in direct line of sight from my seat unbelievable.  In fact, there were beautiful ladies all around in skimpy bathings suits or short shorts.  Some were young mothers with a couple of kids that were playing in the sand or eating breakfast.  I only noticed about 2 other males in this bevy of beautiful young people.  This morning the ration of females to males was something like 3:1.   I kept hearing Neil Young’s song “Sugar Mountain” in my head especially the line “you can’t be twenty, on sugar mountain” . If only I could be. I know where I’d want to hang out – here.  There’s even a surf school around the bend.

Breakfast was done and it was time to head back to the Casa to shower, skinny dip in the pool, soak up some rays, shower again and write this blog and take care of some business.

Now, that’s it’s done it’s time for a siesta in the cool room (the small room in the house with the most efficient air conditioner) until evening.  Then I’ll make a decision to either bar-b-que some chicken or go and get some fish at a restaurant.  Las Olas indicated they have a special tonight with fresh Tuna.  I am tempted might even get a massage on the beach who knows?  I’ll keep you posted if I do.

That’s it for now down here in Jaco Costa Rica.  Sending warm waves of beauty and warm ocean currents of Love and Peace to all.  Pura Vida and Namaste



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