The Rain Forest

Well, Friday we went to the rain forest for an aerial tour on a tram.  We saw a lot of forest both secondary and old growth and learned the history of the forest and why a lot of it was lost 50 years ago.  They call it the Hamburger connection, which encouraged deforestation in order to raise cattle for meat to supply to the US military.  Also, many people turned to planting rice so they slashed and burned to make room.

Fortunately over the past 20-30 years or so the Costa Rican people have turned some of this back into rain forest.  The forest we rode the tram in was what the call a secondary forest in that it is not old growth but these secondary forest actually absorb more carbon and in places like Costa Rica they are important in the fight against climate change.  In the top picture you see the secondary forest meeting with the old growth which is the area in the light.

It would be near impossible to walk through these forests without a machete as they are so thick and ground is pretty steep also.  Of course that doesn’t even take into account the different types of snakes and other poisonous creatures in them like poison dart frogs

Oh and poisonous toads

Poisnous toad poison glands on it’s back behind eyes
Poisnous toad poison glands on it’s back behind eyes

However, we were pretty disappointed when it came to seeing the birds especially Toucans as down where the tram started was where they usually are and the grounds keeping people were scaring them all away with blowers and other machinery while we were there. Even our guide was upset about this.

The gardens were pretty and we got to see a lot of butterflies



We did see a beautiful big Blue Morpheus on the tram that was much bigger then this one but it was moving too fast to get a good picture.  We also saw some Heliconias


They even had a CaymanDSCF1683

Oh, I almost forgot Godzilla the Iguana he was there too!DSCF1655

And a pretty song bird I don’t know the name of as well as some pineapple DSCF1647


After the tour we went into Jaco for some lunch and shopping.  Later we had a nice dinner by the water at La Playa HermosaIMG_1957

We tried some of the local craft brews

I had the Tumba which was a pink beer. Our waitress said it meant something like ‘drops your panties” but I believe it means Tomb and I found it only fair.  Chase had the Brutal which was a pale ale and was okay.

Then we watched the sunset from our table

That brings us to Saturday.  Chase and Chris started packing while I brought the car in to renew the lease and get another clean one.  Though first I went to Herradura Beach where I went for a run in the sand and surf.

Then we went to Jaco to have dinner – again with beach front dining this time at the Hotel Balcon del Mar restaurant and saw another beautiful sunset.IMG_1991


This morning I drove Chase and Chris to the airport and on the way back I stopped to see the Crocodiles in the Tarcoles river.

Then I came back to the casa for a swim in the pool and to get myself together.  Now, that Chase and Chris are gone I am on my own again and will have to find things to do on my own.  It shouldn’t be too hard but I’ll miss having someone to talk English with.  I plan to enroll in a spanish and surfing class on Monday.  I was planning to go to the Beatle Bar to watch the Super Bowl but can’t seem to get myself motivated tonight.  So, I’ll leave you all with another sunset.IMG_1601

Buenas Noche mis amigos



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