Manuel Antonio National Park

Today started early as we had to meet the Tour Van in Jaco at 0640 so, I was only able to do a 15 minute meditation this morning before Chase and Chris got up and it was time to get ready to go. We had a quick breakfast – I had a small yogurt and a hardboiled egg.  Then, we piled into the Jimny and left for Jaco where we met up with the tour van in front of the Beatle bar.

It turned out that he was suppose to pick some other tourists up before us but had a flat tire so we had to go get them before heading down to  Manuel Antonio.   It was an air conditioned van so it wasn’t too bad except for being rather cramped.  I’m glad I didn’t drive to this park as there were some twists, turns and hills that made the driving even more challenging.

Have I mentioned that driving in Costa Rica is a whole different experience? Passing zones, speed limits, u-turns, etc. have rules that are more like suggestions then rules and everyone drives they way they want.  The Turismo van drivers are particularly adept at maneuvering in these circumstance with bicycles and motor cycles darting in and out.  So, I was more then happy not to drive. I got to look around and take in the scenery. It’s was a beautiful ride.DSCF1510  We went through a palm oil plantation among many other scenic views (not the picture above) through lush vegetation and beautiful scenic vistas of the Pacific coast.

Manuel Antonio is in a very populated area with lots of beach rentals, cases and hotels nearby and up and down streets of steep hills and narrow passage.  I’m glad the tour driver was driving.

When we got to the National Park we were checked to see if we had any chips or other junk food with us as the tourists have been feeding the animals in the park creating more aggressiveness in the animals and less fear of humans.  It is not good for the animals continued survival in the wild.  In fact, the other day when we were visiting the monkeys in the mangroves our guide made a “sort of apology” for his and the tours behavior of giving the monkeys food to entice them on the boat.  Justifying their behavior as a good thing for this particular monkey troop of capuchins that don’t have access to fruit in their range.

After our orientation we set off with our guide who had a great monocular scope, great eyes and ears and pointed out various animals, birds, insects and other species. Here’s a few.DSCF1484Laughing Falcon

DSCF1468 Three toed slot of Osos pereozus de tres dedos (lazy bear with three fingers) and her babyDSCF1486Nightjar or Nighthawk eats insects and moths.DSCF1488Helmut head lizardDSCF1483Bats. This is magnified several times as they were barely perceptible to the naked eye high up in a tree.DSCF1489Land crab – kinda like a land shark but not as deadly.  They go to the sea to multiply in mass a couple of times a year.DSCF1516 Mono Congo (Howler Monkey) barely perceptible the dark area in the middle zoom in and you can see it’s ear.  DSCF1513Squirrel monkey zoom in to see it’s face it’s really different from both the howlers that look like apes and the Capuchins that look more humanoid.  This one has a little pointed face.DSCF1477 an angry capuchin.  He was one of the kings’ protective details leading the way keeping his king safe.  DSCF1474

Osos pereozus de dos dedos (Two toed sloth)  Zoom in to see his face and toes.DSCF1512another view of the squirrel monkey

Our guide for the nature walk. He was really good at picking things out as well as being knowledgable about the animals, etc..  speaking very good English as well as his native Spanish.  The second picture is in front of the map of the park with 1981 hectares of protected land area and 55000 protective hectare of sea and coast line.  No fishing or hunting around here.DSCF1503Some kind of aquatic mammal \ I haven’t quite figured out what yet but he sure looks relaxed, eh?DSCF1499Another strange underwater life form


Chase after our excursion having casados pescado, guava juice  y una cerveza.

The fish on the casados was Mahi Mahi – fresh.

IMG_1944Well that’s it for today I just went to Herradura and did yoga before taking this selfie.  May you all have a great day and Peace to you.


Steve sin Rockydog.


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