Pura Vida

Today was a non scheduled day so I woke up at 0515 started the coffee and did a 20 minutes lovingkindness mediation out back.

DSCF1164  Watching the day begin to get light and listening to the morning birds singing.  After a couple of cups of coffee, checking my email and paying a couple of bills via on line banking I headed to the beach for morning yoga and a run on the beach.

Yoga was 3 sun salutations, Triangle with a twist (5 positions); Proud Warrior I,  II & III; Cow pose; Head to knee and  sitting forward bend all performed in succession then a 5-7 minute sitting meditation watching the waves come in and out.  Then, I did Lotus; Cow/Cat; Pigeon;  Smile;  Knee to chest; Back twists; Hero’s pose; head stand (3 minutes) and elbow/forearm stand; child’s position variation with arms stretched out front that full child’s pose before 5 minutes of savasana. Then I did a shoulder stand and Lotus before the Wheel and bound ankle pose before ending my practice for the morning.

I want to apologize to yoga purists that know the sanskrit names for all the poses.  I know what works for my body and allow my mind/body to determine the poses but have little knowledge of the proper names for the poses so some of what I am reporting are my names for the poses. What I do know is that at the end I feel and felt great.

Then it was time to go for a run on the wet sand with my feet slapping in the water as I ran.  The sun shining down on me as well as up to me from it’s reflection on the water.

I put in about 2.5 miles before taking off my glasses and hat and going for a swim in the warm ocean waters.DSCF1050

I swam out past the breakers, did several different strokes before a set of big waves came in and I chose to ride a few towards the shore.  I swam back out using the butterfly stroke to work my arms.  Then chose a good wave and took a ride towards the beach and my things.

After packing up my things and climbing into the Jimny (Suzuki) I drove back to the house where I showered outside before falling into the pool and floating around for several minutes in a water meditation.  DSCF1182

Chase and Chris chose to take a walk to NeoFauna the rescue up the road and came back about the same time as I did so we all then had breakfast about 10 am.  Chase and Chris went out to enjoy the pool and I played some guitar practicing sight reading as well as working on some tunes I haven’t played in a long time.  I even worked on my new song “Apollo” coming up with some words that are starting to gel.

Then It was time to go to town (Jaco) and we all piled into the Jimny DSCF1168and did some tourist shopping.  First we went to some souvenir shops getting the feel for price and quality before Chris and Chase buying some trinkets and other collectables they wanted.

We stopped for coffee – I had an Iced Mocha.  They had internet so I checked my mail and messages.  I had one message from someone in Jaco which was important to me so that was good and I was able to take care of my business before leaving the area.  I bought a bamboo mat for doing yoga on the beach as the black sand is hard on towels and sticky mats.

We then went to the post office which in Costa Rica saves a lot of money as opposed to buying stamps for post cards.  It was about $1 to mail each post card but the stamps would have costs $3 if we bought them instead of bringing the postcards to the post office where they stamped them.  The post office itself wasn’t that easy to find even when we knew pretty much where it was as it wasn’t well marked and only open during certain hours of the day. Today it opened at 2pm.

After the post office it was to Mas X Menos for groceries water and other supplies.  I dropped in to see my new Canadian friends – Mark and Brenda briefly. They showed me  their beautiful condo – 2 blocks from the beach and pictures of their house they are finishing the construction on up in the hills south of Jaco..  They really are nice people and I want to thank my cousin Wayne Suttner for introducing us.  I hope to see more of them while I’m down here.

Back to the houseIMG_0285 Where Chase and Chris swam and I played guitar until supper time when it was my turn to cook.  I made a Fettuccine with shrimp, mushroom, chili pepper, garlic and onions while Chase whipped up a nice salad with mushrooms, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, chili pepper and cucumbers .  It was a delicious meal and we ate inside with a slight breeze blowing through the house.

Later I took a skinny dip in the pool before coming in and showering off for the day. Chase swam and stayed a little longer in the pool under the stars listening to the night birds sing.  Chris watched “Sex in the City season I” as the dvd was included in the house and I worked on this blog after my shower.

Now, its time to go to bed as we’ve got an early day tomorrow with a tour that starts at 0645 in Jaco where we board a bus and travel a couple of hours to Manuel Antonio National Park for a day among monkeys, sloths and other creatures as well as fun in the water at the beautiful beach that is there some lunch and then back to Jaco.  It promises to be a long day and if it’s as good as the Monkey Mangrove Tour it should be a lot of fun.  So far, all the tours we’ve done have been superb and delivered as to what they promised.

That’s it for tonight down here in Jaco Costa Rica – the Rich Coast. May all of you have a wonderful day and night.  Love and Namaste


Hybrid Macaw in the foregroud Red Macaws
Hybrid Macaw in the foregroud Red Macaws




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