More – Yoga on the Beach

Hello all and Namaste.  Today, I went to the beach early and did yoga next to the surf.  The tide was on it’s way out and there wasn’t a lot of flat space on the beach but I managed to do 3 sun salutations, Triangle poses, Rishi’s postures, Proud Warrior I, II and III, Eagle, Chair pose and a standing meditation in Mountain pose.   Later, I attempted to do some yoga in the pool but I’ll get to that later.DSCF1294

After the yoga I put my things in the car with a towel over the seat to hide them and took off on a run down the beach.  I started at  north Jaco beach near Clarita’s Bar and Grill where I had breakfast after the run. I ran all the way down the beach to South Jaco to the Tiki Bar and Restaurant that I have posted pictures from the restaurant area in the past looking towards the beach. Here is what it looks like from the beach looking in land towards the Tiki Bar. The water coming down away from the Tiki Bar is fresh water coming from the mountains mixing with the ocean waves.IMG_1716

Jaco Beach is 2.5 miles long so up and back is a little under 5 miles (I didn’t start at the very northern tip) a nice little run in the surf, sand, and sun.  It was early yet there were plenty of people on the beach and more then a few ladies in bikini’s.  Interesting, while there seems to be no end of the styles and skimpyness of the bathing suits for women the men all wore the same baggie bathing suits looking pretty much uniform – that is except for the ones with bellies that stuck out over their waist bands –  lol.  I can only imagine what they would look like in speedo’s or worse – thongs.


After my run I went to Clarita’s where I’m beginning to be a regular.  They have tables on the beach under umbrellas and palm trees as well as hammocks to hang out in while you have something to eat or a drink.  I had un Cafe y jugo de naranja. Pure Vida.IMG_1719

I also had a Tico Breakfast that was of fried plantain, beans and rice, fried eggs, tortillas and some kind of sauce that was a lot like mayo.  By the time it came I was starving so I scarfed it right up without even thinking about taking a picture until it was half way gone. I’ve had Plantain before and it wasn’t as good as this one was it was this was just right and added just the right touch to my Tico Breakfast.

After I finished my breakfast and another cup of coffee I waited for my bill by choosing to lie in one of the hammocks hung between two palm trees.IMG_1721

I was falling asleepIMG_1734

Along with this Back hoe operatorIMG_1720

I though “what a job!” He must have been on his break as he kicked back put his feet up and just chilled in the shade for about 10 minutes before going back to work. But, once he did I woke up.

I decided I better get up – easier said then done when getting up from lying on a low slung hammock in the sand.  I was able to get up (eventually) and went to El Baño where I ran into this sign after washing my hands. IMG_1718

I guess there’s a comic everywhere, eh? Pronounced “A” as my new Canadian friends (as well as most Canadians) would say.  Eh?

Well, I had some time to kill so went into Jaco and browsed a few shops purchasing a few souvenirs and gifts for friends and lovers.  DSCF1099

I then went back to the casa where I proceed to take a dip in the poolDSCF1182

I tried to create a “water yoga” which worked well for sitting meditation (on a step) but several other poses were very difficult to hold in the water though I found a few that had promise.  Perhaps, I’ll start a “water yoga” to compete with “hot yoga” .  Of course you would do water yoga in hot temperatures in the tropics. Eh?

After, cooling off in La Piscina and lying with my bare butt to the sun for about 8 minutes I went in the house and showered. Lunch was some organic chocolates that I picked up at one of las tinenda’s that I shopped at earlier. As well as some fruit, a beer and a cookie.

I have found that I am eating a lot less with my new diet of only eating between 10 am and 8pm. I’m not hungry and I think I’m losing weight. I know my waist is looking better. This “long fast” diet is not hard and it’s suppose to help the body process sugar better as well as burn fat. I think it’s working.

Later, after doing some reading and playing guitar I needed to pick up my laundry from town (Jaco) which was 7000 calones (about $13).  I checked out some houses for sale while I was shopping earlier and found several in my price range a couple right near the beach in Jaco so I took a drive to look at a them.

I don’t think I want to really live right in Jaco but there were some great deals for property blocks from the beach.  The ones I really liked were up in the hills a bit with a pool and great views. Still under $200,000. One of them came furnished with a car as well. The best prices seemed to be around Estrillos which I thought was one of the nicer beach towns. It was were I went to the bar-b-Que on the beach with Brenda Lederhose and her man Mark (I didn’t catch his last name) but a nice friendly guy, under the full moon. DSCF1263DSCF1279DSCF1285DSCF1262

Also at Playa EstrillosDSCF1259

Brenda and Mark indicated that they will probably invite me up to their house they are working on in the hills soon.  They got a great deal and it seems there are still some really nice places not far from the beach or on the beach near Estrillos.  At least there were in the window of the ReMax office in Jaco. I’ll check on them later. One seller indicated that he made enough in rents while he wasn’t there to pay for the house as well as fund a couple of trips a year to Costa Rica. Sounds sweet!


Herradura had some nice places too but also some very expensive Villas with top of the line security etc.. But they were quite big.  I’m looking for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with a pool near the ocean or overlooking the ocean.  The only think is I’m not sure if I really want to live here. I could get used to being very lazy and just saying “pure vida”.

Before I say goodnight I want to share yesterday’s Cevichi with you all. This was supposed to be the best Cevichi in Jaco at Marea Alta IMG_1714In case you’re wondering there is white fish (mahi); shrimp and octopus “chemically cooked in lime juice”. It war really quite good and almost more then I could eat with a glass of white wine for about $10. Not bad.

Well, tomorrow I have to drive up to San Jose to pick up my friends Chase and Chris so I better go to bed a little earlier as I have to leave here around 6 am.  I can’t wait until they get her as the real adventures will begin when they come as we have a several tours planned (monkey’s, waterfalls, etc..  The first one will be to Tortuga Island this Friday with a boat ride (the boat has a pool and a jacuzzi), snorkeling, beach lunch cooked by the crew as well as fun on  a banana boat in the clear waters off of Tortuga Island. They say there is beer but with an Island  named  Tortuga – I want rum. After all isn’t that where Jack Sparrow went ?

Adios Amigos and Buenas Noches

Steve (for Rocky Dog).




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