Playing it by ear.


Hello everyone, this morning I decided to have no plans and to just play it by ear.  So, after doing my morning meditations out backDSCF1164And having some coffee then, checking my email I headed to the beach for yoga. My yoga spot.IMG_1694

I did three Sun Salutes with variations in each one, Wide legged forward bend going into wide legged downward dog, then proud warrior III, Rishi’s postures and ending with a standing meditation looking out at the ocean (see above).  Then, I did forward bend sitting; Cobra; Bow w/ rocking; Knee to chest; abdominal tighteners  (I don’t remember all of the proper names for some asanas) and knee to side twist; Hero’s pose; head stand and forearm stand before ending in savasana .  This time I was far enough away from the ocean that I didn’t get soaked like the last time when I did it next to a rising tide.

After that I went to breakfast above the Tiki Bar (see lead photo).  I had a nice omelette, some coffee, potatoes, toast and a orange juice. Much Gusto – $10.  Then I went for a walk. I did about 5k on the beach walking in the water at times but mostly just taking a hike and barefootin’. Here’s some of the warm back wash water I walked through as well as more waves coming in gently.DSCF1175DSCF1177

I was thinking about stopping for some iced latte but couldn’t find the coffee place in Jaco that I wanted so I went home and took a skinny dip in the swimming pool at the house. Both to cool off and to rinse off the ocean.DSCF1182

The view from my chaise lounge after the swim doing a little sun bathing without sunscreen.DSCF1183.JPG

After this I took a shower had some fresh fruit, played a little guitar, sang and read a little bit of “Sexual Magic” by Margo Anand.

Then, I decided to get dressed and go visit the NeoFauna place up the road from me (about 600 meters).  When I got there I got a personal tour for $20 of their “rescue operation”.  While they have some tours that take you out elsewhere here it  is an animal rescue operation rescuing: Birds, frogs, snakes, butterflies and turtles that are endangered in Costa Rica. They also care for some endangered plants – especially ones that are needed for the butterflies.

There weren’t many butterflies today as I was told they release them after several weeks to the wild to help keep the wild populations healthy and they just released them a few days ago.  The butterflies themselves only live a couple of months but the whole gestation of eggs, caterpillar, cocoon to butterfly process takes several months.  They had a bunch of coccons on display and they will hatch soon within a week or so (depending if the ants don’t find them or other natural predators) and there will be hundreds flying around.

Butterfly cacoons waiting to hatch
Butterfly cacoons waiting to hatch


Drunken butterflies (they love alcohol) at the Butterfly bar.  They also had some frogs several poisonous. A couple are only poisonous (make you feel like a bad hang over) when they’ve been dining on “Fire ants’. Others all the time.DSCF1212

Red eyed poisonous dart frog.

Poisnous toad poison glands on it’s back behind eyes
Poisnous toad poison glands on it’s back behind eyes
Poisonous dart frog
Poisonous dart frog

DSCF1223That’s a see through frog on the glass. It was hard to get a good picture but you could see it’s heart beating through it’s skin.

safe snake
safe snake


Relative of the first snake mostly found in the rain forest on the caribbean side of Costa rica while the first one is more indigenous to the Pacific side.DSCF1254

And a Boa constrictor – non poisonous but indigenous. They had a couple of snakes that the guide said were most deadly like 3 hours after your bitten.  One he said you don’t even know you’ve been bitten until you get sick and they figure it out. Both of these snake were very hard to see and he said the most deadly one kills more then a 1000 people a year – mostly landscape workers.

Oh, I almost forgot the rescued birds. Here’s a few.  The first one is a toucan with a deformed beak and cannot be released. the Macaws also can’t be released with broken wings and one is a hybrid.


Hybrid Macaw in the foregroud Red Macaws
Hybrid Macaw in the foregroud Red Macaws

Well, that’s it for today. I’m going to rest a little then head into Jaco for some dinner and hopefully some music.

To all my friends in the frozen snowy north: I feel for you but I am glad I am not there. Especially, now with the snow storms on the East Coast. Stay warm and dry my friends and when it’s over go out and ski, snowboard, sled, make snow men or otherwise have some fun in the snow.  It’s not as warm as here but hey having fun outside is great as long as you are dressed for it.  Dress warm.


Steve as Rocky Dog (since he isn’t here)


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