Meditations for Today

Hola mis amigos  Que tal?

I promised some pictures from the back yard so here they are.  The top one is of the table I sit on to meditate every morning.  Then the green area between the trees is where I did some yoga the other day.DSCF1167DSCF1163DSCF1166

This morning I went to the Farmer’s Market in Jaco and scored some fresh veggies and fruit for a good price along with some cinnamon rolls baked at a local Austrian bakery.  The rolls were really good as was the fruit.  I haven’t eaten the veggies yet but they look good.  i also figured out where I can get my laundry done as it’s getting near time to do some.  Mostly, I hang out in my bathings suit/shorts which dry within minutes of going swimming so I’m not using a lot of clothing and really don’t have much laundry to do.

Today I had planned  to go on a horse back ride  tour to a waterfall.  In fact, I would be on it now except that the road crew decided to tear up the road around the entrance to the dirt road that leads to the horse ranch with detours and a torn up road so that the word Escuela that was written on the road the other day was completely removed and/or covered over with new asphalt.  The result is I drove through the “Hombres trabajando” area two times  and still could not find the road to the ranch.  Then it was too late. Se triste.  I emailed them and asked to re schedule. I had not paid any money up front so I am not out anything except the experience.  ;-(

So, on the way back to Jaco I took some pictures from the south of Jaco.  Here are a few:DSCF1169DSCF1170

So, I guess I’ll go out tonight and check out the Green Room for music again.  They have several different people playing though on different nights so I’ll see who is there tonight and perhaps have a burrito and a drink.  Last night they had a woman playing 12 string with her son (around 10) playing bongos that were too big for him.  She was singing Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette covers not bad and pleasant to see and watch.  However, they never served me in all the time I was there and after about a half an hour or more I left. I’ll come back to see who is there tonight.

Here is a picture from last night’s meal “the ocean mixed grill” with Cous Cous at Kaya’s bar and grill in Jaco.   There was a mussel, salmon, tuna, sea bass, octopus, shrimp and mahi mahi sausage and I had a glass of chardonnay to go with it.  Mucho Gusto!IMG_1688


Most places don’t have air conditioning and those that do are muy caro ! So, a light sheen of perspiration is quite common.  Better to be at sea.IMG_1671

I’m off for a siesta so I can stay out later tonight and catch some music.  I found out today that there is a music festival in Jaco feb 19th (I’ll be here) it’s called the bamboobass festival and you can find it on Facebook or at .  I’m not sure if they play bamboo basses or what but I’m going to check it out for sure in February.

Hasta Luego mis Amigos

Rocky Dog’s Master Steve (he has a master’s degree in science”)



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