Herradura, Costa Rica

Greetings and salutations from my meditation spot in Herradura, Costa Rica.  I got up early and drove to Herradura for some yoga and fun in the sun.  I set up my towel on a flat drier part of the beach next to the ocean and proceeded to do my sun salutations, Rishi’s poses; forward bends and proud warrior II & III.  I did a sitting meditation while breathing with the in flow and ebb of the ocean.

Imagery was of accepting Love and positive emotions  with the inflow and letting go of Unworthiness and negative emotions with the ebbing tide.  Or at least I thought it was on it’s ebb – more on that later.  So, after 15 minutes of so of this in this spot.DSCF1160

I did some more yoga: Forward bend sitting; Half Lord of the fishes; cow pose with long holds.  Then, I decided to  do savanna.  I laid there observing sensations from the bottom of my feet slowly going up through my body, through my neck face and head.  I played with some color imagery letting the top of my head be bathed in ultra violet light, then following the energy down through my third eye letting the color become more violet and indigo.

From there I imagined my throat chakra bathed in blue and turquoise colors.  Following my awareness further down to the level of my heart I imagined green energy full of love going in and out of my heart.  Allowing yellow to fill my belly with energizing and purifying light, down through my genital area filling up with orange light and sexual energy.  Then,  at the muladhara chakra being bathed in scarlet colors of red and burgundy.  I imagined sending this blissful energy to the people I knew who were suffering with pain or emotional stress with the intention that they can get some relief from the warm ocean currents.

I was resting in this pleasant state for a timeless time when all of sudden I was awash with sea water.  It appears the tide was coming in not out and it gave me a dunking.  No worries, I moved my gear up to the rocky area and went for a swim.  The water was very pleasant and salty so floating was easy.  I did several different strokes out past the breakers before floating around and waiting for a big one.

I got my wish after awhile and caught a wave towards the beach.  However this beach is real shallow so the waves broke real fast and they were not as powerful as the ones in Jaco and Hermosa .  Of course this is a protected cove so less waves.  Anyway, back to my story.

I had to take my car into the rental agency (Adobe) where they were going to fix my lock or get me a new car from San Jose.   It was in Herradura so that’s why I was at this beach today.  It’s only 3 km away from where I’m staying.  It’s a more modern enclave (they even have a mall) then in Jaco and I saw some nice places. Here have a look.DSCF1155

IMG_1675DSCF1161DSCF1156IMG_1677You can see the Marina a little in this one. That black hulled ship is a beauty. I didn’t get over to the Marina as I had to get back to the car to take it to the Adobe place for 10.

Okay, so I get there and between my horrible Spanish and their not bad English they managed to convey to me they wanted the car for some time and that they would bring me to my house and bring the car back to me later – “a couple of hours, maybe”.

So, after I got home I decided to wash off my towel with the garden hose as it  was full of black sand  and take a skinny dip in the pool – just to cool off.   I laid on the chaise in the buff for about 5 minutes (got to take care of this white skin you know) then went into the house and took a shower and washed my hair.

Now, I was hungry as I had only had a banana for breakfast before going to the beach but I did not have a  car to go out to eat.  So, I ate left over chicken, an apple, some barritas (kinda a cookie with fruit jelly), had a bourbon on ice  and waited,… and waited,…

Several hours later, after I worked on a new song – kinda with a salsa beat and only a song form now, I hear some spanish in the lyrics (Spanglish) in my head but am not versed enough in the language to realize the words yet.  I also did some sight reading and polished up “Besame Mucho” and “Meditation”.  The latter are getting better but I still stumble on the Spanish lyrics in Besame and a couple of the dour pitches in Meditation. I also, played a few songs I just like playing like “Smooth” by Santana, “The Wind Cries Mary”, “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” among others.

Then I took a nap.  Finally, they arrived with my car and an accident report to fill out for the insurance company.  It appears that someone might have tried breaking into my vehicle and that it is an accident.  I just hope I’m not charged more for this “accident” I will complain to Adobe in the states when I get back but right now I need the car.

It’s about 4pm here and I want to go hear this acoustic duo at this bar restaurant in Jaco. The music starts at 8pm so I will try to get a seat around 7:15 -7:30 .  I hope it is not too crowded as I hear things start heating up in Jaco on Thursday nights. So, I’ll end this blog here and get back to you after I’ve experienced the music in Jaco and get more taste of the night life.  Who knows? I might even like it.


Adios mis AmigosIMG_1672Steve


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