Slow day in the Tropics

Today, I elected to stay at the house and do my yoga outside in the back.  I was rather peaceful and I was surprised by the lack of bugs during my practice as it was near an occasionally stream.  Though there was not much water flowing in a rather large drainage ditch.

The birds were singing and chirping high in the trees that waved in the breeze occasionally sending leaves floating down to where I lie in my yoga poses.  I did my usual series of 3 sets of Sun Salutes, triangle, Proud Warrior I,II.,III and several Pranayamas. Seated poses included: Head to Knee forward bend; Half Lord of the Fishes pose; Hero’s pose.

Then I did Knee to chest with a twist; Shoulder stand; Plow; the Wheel and ended with siviasana (corpse pose) where I went into a body meditation. After which I ended with a “listening” meditation where I noticed all the sounds around me without judgement nor attachment.  It was a lot more busy then I had been noticing as several of the natural sounds around me were barely perceptible until I quieted my mind to pay attention.


This is actually the front of the house and the doggie running by the pool belongs to a neighbor. I don’t have any pictures of the back of the house so I’ll have to take some tomorrow.  Yesterday afternoon I skinned dipped in this pool and meditated naked on the pool chair.

After my meditation it was starting to heat up a little so I went back into the house and decided to clean up.  Mostly, I swept up and throw papers away.  When I went through my things I found that I did not have one of my credit cards.  Which actually prompted more picking up and cleaning.  As soon as I determined that I could not find it I contacted them American Express and they canceled it immediately with no current charges.  Thank you American Express.

I really don’t need that card and had not planned on using it except in my paranoid fantasies.  I’m glad I caught it before someone tried to use it.  I have to be more careful as I dropped one at a restaurant the first day and was lucky enough when I back tracked to find it.  I think I figured out the problem and have rectified it.

Anyway, I have a problem  with the lock on the driver’s side of my car so I thought I’d go to the Adobe place and get it checked out.  So, I drove to Herradura (3.5 km) and at first couldn’t find it so ended up taking a drive back towards San Jose.  I turned around and found it at a rather modern shopping mall.  They were pleasant and the man spoke English but they couldn’t help me as they didn’t have this kind of car at their location.  I need to bring it back tomorrow to see if the mechanic (he wasn’t there today) could fix it or they will order another car from San Jose for me.


Tomorrow will be Herradura. Luckily it is not far from the beach their and if I have to wait I can go for a swim.   I also want to check out some of the condo’s for sale (se venue) around that area as it is more upscale meaning newer.  They also have a Marina that I want to check out as well as Boat sellers/Leasers.

After going to Adobe I went into Jaco to check out the language school.  It wasn’t easy to find and is in a nice areas of private homes away from the beach but within walking distance.   I didn’t go in as they indicated it would be best to show up in the am and by this time it was afternoon, but I know where they are now.  I can’t register until after Chase and Chris leave as it will be 20 hours a week plus 3 surf lessons and that would keep me stuck in Jaco all week.

Chase and Chris are coming next week and I will pick them up in San Jose.  We already have some tours booked one to Totuga Island next Friday and I believe we have a Mangrove to Manuel Antonio on Monday and they want to go to the Caribbean side which will take a few days (5 hours there, 5 hours back and at least one day there.

So, I’ll just have to work on my Spanish skills by listening and using my translating app when I am stumped.  I am already getting better at understanding and  in my mind I am composing sentences and words to express what I want to say.  Occasionally, I even make myself understood in the restaurants using what little I know.  But, it’s still rather simplistic. It does give me  ta feel for the migrant experience and how overwhelming things can be with everyone speaking a different language then you and being stricken dumb when trying to use the new language.

I parked on the main drag and did a little shopping getting a couple of tank tops for myself to use down here and a top for Jasmine and few postcards.  That’s something that is different most tourist places I’ve been to have postcards in every shop. Here, I’ve only seen them in a few.

I then stopped for Lunch/dinner and  ordered some fish tacos from a restaurant that was near where I parked the car  and a couple of mojito’s (they were good) as they were going for a  2 for 1 deal at “el restaurante.”  They don’t advertise their name anywhere in the place, the waiters while respectful and friendly spend most of their time talking with each other and the bar tender then paying attention to the patrons so service  was not so good.  The fish tacos were not the best i’ve had here but the mojitos were the best I’ve had in Costa Rica including the 2 for 1 mojitos in Puerto Viejo  last year.

I took my time with my lunch – it was huge with a nice salad tomatoes, cucumbers lettuce and some white vegetable that I couldn’t name.  I thought of asking the waiter “¿Que dice?” or “¿Como se llama?”but like I said he didn’t pay attention to my wants.  So, he only got the 10% service charge they automatically include in the bill. While at said restaurant I spied a traffic sign with a word I did not know – Beatones . So, I got out my trusty app and it does not translate. I checked it when I got back here with translation sites and again does not translate to anything . But it was a sign wanting that Beatones have privilege on the road.

After this I went for a walk on the beach as I had had 2 mojitos and felt it safer then driving. Did I tell you about the driving down here?  The main roads aren’t that bad but there are people everywhere, walking, riding bikes, motorcycles, cars, etc. passing you where there is no passing lane, pulling in front of you, parking on either side of the street in whatever direction they feel like it.  I saw an accident where this truck just pulled right into the back of a car that was driving straight. Then the other roads (and they are not named neither) can be dirt tracks or rut lined where once there was pavement and one must go slow to keep from jarring one’s teeth out. Oh, and small one car width bridges.

The walk was a good idea and I meditated a little on the beach while I strolled along the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean. There were some nice waves and some beautiful people out and about. Not crowded just populated sparsely.  Of course, I was distracted in my walking meditation but some string bikini’s and bronze bodies walking or lying in the sand.  Even going back to Avenue Paster Diaz (the main drag in Jaco) there were skimpily clad princesses all about.

I found a club that advertised live music and found that it doesn’t start until 8pm and it was a duo of acoustic guitars doing a variety of different pop/rock/fold stuff. I plan to check it out tomorrow night.  I just didn’t want to go back in a couple of hours nor hang around until then. Tomorrow after the am I will take a siesta in order to fresh to go out for 8pm. the club looked to be nice one from local standards so I’m looking forward to hearing some live music tomorrow.

i came back to the Casa turned on the A/C played some music and am writing this blog.  Today wasn’t very exciting as I ended up doing chores.  The biggest excitement was losing my credit card and witnessing an accident. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Thought I’ve got an appointment for the car at 10 am.  I hope to swim at the beach in Herradura before bring the car in.

I think someone broke into the car while I was en La playa Hermosa the other day as they grabbed a handful of CR coin (they didn’t even see the GPS) and I think I started back towards the car and scared them away. But, I think they were responsible for the car lock being “roto”.

Anyway, Adios and Buenas Noches from here in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Steve for Rockjy Dog





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