Meditations from La Playa Hermosa

Hola mis Amigos,

Today, I went to La Playa Hermosa for my yoga, meditation, walk and swim.  I forgot it was Sunday and the beaches like beaches everywhere were more crowded. Of course, for La Playa Hermosa crowded is a relative word.  It meant that there were some people on the beach beside the surfers.


Of course, there were plenty of surfers as high tide had just passed and the waves were still  muy alto.  However, I did notice several surfers leaving as I got there so I guess the big surf had already passed.  Anyway, the tide was on it’s way out but while I was meditating it sure threatened to wash over me a couple of times coming to within a couple of feet from my spot.IMG_1623It got as far as just before those prints in front of my feet.

One of the things about the beach at high tide is there is not as much beach and most of it was quite slanted so it was difficult to do some yoga positions.  However, I did find a way to perform several variations of sun salutes, wide legged downward dog with forward bends, proud warrior II, and Rishi’s poses as well as some sitting asanas.  By the time of this picture I had finished most of them and the tide had moved further away.

I meditated watching the waves letting  my negative emotions (fear anger, uncertainty and unworthiness) go flowing back to the ocean in the back wash  and the out breath while accepting all the love and positive energy from the ocean with the breath in as the waves came towards me. Breathing in,… and breathing out,… with the rhythm of the waves. Feeling the sun and the ocean breeze on my  face and skin in union with nature.  Needless to say, it was relaxing.


I had planned to run this morning but since the beach was too tilted and the sand not that hard for running (sometimes my feet would sink into the sand pretty deep making even walking slow and ponderous) and at times sneaker waves would swamp me to my knees so I decided to hike instead.  I had my backpack with water with my sandals hooked to it so I headed down the beach (south).  It is quite a large beach (over 6 miles long so, I only hiked less then half of it going about 2 miles then walking back.

I passed a resort I almost stayed at saw beautiful people walking, surfing and sunning. One couple her with a thong bikini strolled right in front of me when I stopped to get my vaporizer out of my back pack and continued on in front of me for at least a mile ’til they veered off into a condominium complex on the shore line.  I had driven by some of them a few days ago and know you can get a condo for around $150,000 or a lot for less then $100,000. Right there on the beach. I could see a good investment where one could visit for a couple of months a year and rent it out the remainder of the year . Hmmm?


I found a couple of sand dollars. One was the biggest one I’ve ever found but a bird had gotten to one side so it isn’t perfect.  I also found some interesting rocks a couple of which I believe are turquoise and a feather.  I also came across a Lizard enjoying the sand and surf. I think he was sunning himself as he didn’t move much but occasionally when the tide covered him he would squirm to a new position.IMG_1635

I came across a surfing doggie

Surfing doggie
Surfing doggie


Going out to his master after riding a wave
Going out to his master after riding a wave then doing it again


I’m sure Rocky would have liked it.  I’m still a little upset with my self for buying the wrong sky kennel. However, Rocky is safe and happy with my son Ash and his lovely wife Daniela , but I bet he would have liked to go doggie surfing.

Anyway, that was today.  Yesterday and last night I went into Jaco and had a great meal and walked the beach at sunset with a whole host of others.IMG_1596


Oh, and I’ve been learning a couple of songs “Meditation” by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Besame Mucho. While I practice letting go of my desires it is not easy.  Whenever I notice a cute little chica or tica in a thong bikini’s all I can think of is “Besame Mucho” and desire comes back. But, it was a pleasure seeing young people in love, walking hand and hand kissing in the surf or playing with their children. Ah, Pura Vida.

Adios mis amigos ir con amor

Steve on the beach in Jaco




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