8th Day in Jaco without the Rock

Buenas Noches mis Amigos,

My Spanish continues to be atrocious but I haven’t given up.  Transportation for Rocky is still up in the air but Ash assures me he is happy and doing well.  Life for me continues to be a struggle between being alone and loneliness.  I don’t have it in me these days to “live it up” and go where the people are partying.  I would like to meet someone or others but haven’t found the right connections, yet.

Yesterday, I went to la Playa Herradura.  It’s just around the bend from the north end of Jaco and the place I’m staying is located about in the middle between the two beaches. La Playa Herradura is a much better beach for swimming as it is a sheltered cove. There were many boats moored off shore and on the way in I passed a Rental place for these yachts and power boats.

The water was refreshing and I went for a nice swim as well as just floated around for awhile and let the tide move me.  I was a little surprised at how far I was out but then the water was so shallow that I could still touch way out past any breakers.  I still had the boats between me and the open ocean so – no worries.  The beach (as does Jaco) allows dogs and there was a man playing with his standard poodle in the waves. I’m sure Rocky would have enjoyed playing there.  Here’s a selfie after my swim IMG_1567

Later that night I had a visit from a small pack de los perros.  I tried to get a picture of the 3 of them for Rocky but they took off when I opened the door.  I did get two separate pictures one each of 2 of them, the 3rd doggie ran through the shrubs and out of the yard.


This guy appeared to be the ring leader. DSCF1112

I then watched Kung Foo Panda – in Spanish.  I didn’t get most of the dialogue and it sounded much darker in Spanish then english, but since I’ve seen the movie before I understood much of what was going on.  I even picked up some of the Spanish words but they spoke very quickly so I just let the language wash over me.  Perhaps, I’ll pick somethings up vicariously.

I watched the State of the Union and found that watching it outside of the United States helped me feel even more proud of our country and it’s abilities to keep reinventing itself. I just hope “we the people” really heard him when he said we “needed to face unarmed truth and Love unconditionally”.  That is some powerful stuff – love everybody and tell the truth!  Just ask Ram Dass.

Today, started out with my usually meditation, some guitar playing, the internet and coffee.  Then, I went to La Playa Jaco to practice some yoga on the beach where I did a couple of meditations.

I’ve been seeing these big lizards while driving all around but hadn’t got a good chance for a picture until today when I pulled up to the beach parking lot which is free.  There were two but one went under the green algae. DSCF1115

One mediation was letting my breathing work with the ebb and flow of the waves as they broke and rushed to the shore, bringing in with my in breath love, everything positive, giving me strength to let go and then with the out breath  letting go of my worries, fear, and loneliness to rush out with the undertow and dirt rushing back into the ocean.  Only for it to then to build up in another wave which when breaking brings me more positive energy and love.  I don’t know how long I spent in this meditation but it was lovely.


I also added bringing in the formed, via the waves and my heart, letting it go out the top of my head to the formless, breathing the formless back in from above, then sending it back out through the heart to where it built up another wave recreating and creating new forms   of reality. Then, I went for a walk.

I walked quite away on the beach then went into Jaco for some breakfast.  I got a fresh fruit smoothie (Papaya, Kiwi and lemon) and walked the beach back to the car.  Then, it was business, first to the ATM to get some colones (100,000 + $187.39), then grocery shopping.  Which in it’s own way is teaching me Spanish as everything – the signs, the products the ingredients are all in Spanish so it takes me a little longer then usually to get what I need. Somehow I survived and found everything I needed or at least communicated well enough to get the help I needed.  Though when I asked for sun tan lotion even using the Spanish I’ve been taught – lotion de broncedor, the woman  brought me to the yogurt section. Which worked out fine as I needed some yogurt anyway, and later she took me to the right place.

Then, it was back to the Casa put the groceries away, practice some Spanish, watch an American Movie in Spanish,  and take a siesta.  When I woke up it was time to go for a Thai body massage with Elise at the Jaco Healing Arts center – her parents house where she has a large room/studio.  I was greeted by a couple of dogs one a chocolate female lab both dogs were friendly, but called back by Elise’s brother so as not to bother me.

The massage was great even if she worked me over a bit using her own body, walking on my hands, legs, back, etc.. Sitting on my feet while she pulled my shoulders and neck back stretching me out and opening me up.  She was very professional and gave me my money’s worth though when I pain in Colones she gave converted the Dollar price giving me a much worse deal in the exchange then what the Colone was going for today.  I still gave her a nice tip though.  Just being touched was quite relieving.

After that I just came back to my little casa and decided to blog and retire for the night, play a little guitar and mandolin to get ready for more of the same tomorrow.  I am planning an horse riding excursion for Saturday in the forest – La Selva and that should allow me to get some pictures of birds, monkeys, and waterfalls.  I still haven’t gone to the butterfly place yet and might do that tomorrow.

I miss Rocky and know he would enjoy being here but I also know that that is not going to happen.  So, enviando amor a Rocky y mis amigos de Costa Rica.







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