Disappointed but doing okay.

Hello folks, Rocky Dog here, I just wanted to say hello to you all and thank my Uncle Ash for taking care of me.  He’s been giving me “ear” which I’ve always loved.  He’s been trying to explain to me why I couldn’t go to Costa Rica and have to go home.  I think I get it but it is disappointing.  I was looking forward to adventure with Master Steve as well as making sure he doesn’t space out and do nothing.

I know he was disappointed too but knows that sometimes things happen for a purpose. He is wise that way.  I know that my secret to happiness is moment to moment nonjudgmental  existence. Just being alive is worth celebration – it beats the alternative.  Thus, when Ash gives me some “ear” I am in heaven and when he doesn’t I am in heaven.  It’s all rather simple – if you are a doggie you’d understand.  Life is a gift make every moment a present.

I have some pictures from Steve in Costa Rica and I thought I’d share a few with you for any vicarious pleasure you may be able to get from them.  It’s late (Steve’s time) and the psychic channels we need to keep open for communication in order for me to be telling you this takes a lot of energy.  Especially for Steve – I just dream it and he picks it up so for me it’s as simple as falling asleep. Which I do frequently.  But for Steve he has to use his frontal cortex to think and its pretty big compared to mine so uses a lot more energy.

Anyway here’s some pictures from Coast Rica

They allow horse on the beach as well as dogs – cool



Los Caballos en la playaIMG_1559

Las estatua


las máscaras

Well, good night my friends we’ve just about exhausted our psychic link for now. As you can see even I’m still a littler disappointed but I’m alright and while missing out on the grand adventure there wasn’t a lot I could see anyway.  I just miss Steve and know he misses me.  He told me so via the psychic link.imageAdios amigos

Rocky Dog (via psychic link w/ Master Steve.

P.S. Here’s a poem Steve wrote today that he wanted to share:

When my daughter was little I was perfect and could fix anything
when she became an adolescent – I knew nothing and was not able to fix it
Then she became an adult and asked me for advice
Finally, I grew up and knew enough to tell her to look inside.
– Steven Bulcroft


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