Bummed out in Paradise

Here I am in Costa Rica, my best friend is in Arizona where he is not wanted and I feel helpless in doing anything about it.  I do have some ideas to get him back up to Siskiyou County where he can be welcomed at my house by my house sitter, but it’s hard to make anything happen when you are in another country far away.

Everything here is much more expensive then I expected and they work hard at ripping the gringo’s off.  They hide a “service” tip in the bill then leave a place for the Propino (tip) hoping no one will see that they’ve included it already. Oh, and tax is 13% for a meal.  So, I’m cooking spaghetti tonight with a fillet of fresh Tilapia.

No pictures tonight as I didn’t go anywhere and spent much of the day worrying about Rocky and trying to find solutions to his dilemma.  Pray for Rocky Dog I’m sure he is confused and lonely.





2 thoughts on “Bummed out in Paradise

  1. Steve, if your house sitter needs needs someone to watch Rocky I can be available on some weekends. He and Bella my 11 year old lab would probably get along great, and I have a fenced big backyard. Let me know. 🙂

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