La Playa Hermosa

Buenas noches mis amigos

Today started out with roosters crowing, birds tweeting and other sounds of the forest surrounding me. I had a visit by a grey cat who appeared quite well used to being around people and knew his way around this property.  So, I imagine he belongs to a neighbor, perhaps Paulina who lives next door. I haven’t met her yet but Nathalie ( the owner of the house I’m staying at) says she speaks english and she had a high opinion of her.

I got up around 0600, did 20 minutes of meditation – lovingkindness and tonglen practice, then tried to make some coffee with the new coffee maker.  That was a mess!

Nathalie had indicated that the last renter reported the coffee maker broken and asked me if I would buy a new one saying  “she would reimburse me”.  Well, I bought a cheap one (only had two choices) at the local Supermercado for around $15 (8500 clones). Not much different from the ones back home.

So, this morning I made some coffee or so I thought.  I went on the internet while I was waiting for the coffee to brew. After checking my email and deleting all the junk (that took a while). I went to get a cup of cafe.  When I got there the carafe was bare it only had less then a drop of coffee. I had put in enough water for 10 cups.  When I tried to figure out what happened I had coffee all over the place.

So, now I had to spend the next 20 minutes cleaning up the mess and figuring out what went wrong.  It appears that I have a carafe that is a little too small to push the valve that allows the water to come down to open. So, all the coffee was stuck on the other side and only a tiny fraction was able to get in to the carafe .  Now, I have to bring it back to a store where everything is in Spanish and few people speak English.  More fun.

Well, I figured out how to get the water to come down but it’s jury rigged and had a cup of coffee.  Good Costa Rican coffee, took care of my business and did 30 minutes of yoga upstairs in the Master suite.  I sleep in the downstairs small bedroom because it’s easier to keep cool as it has it’s own A/C.DSCF1085 i’m a little messy!

Here’s is the upstairs with my own yoga studio.  The blinds are closed now but in the morning I open them and you can see the tropical trees and other flora and a fauna out the windows.DSCF1089DSCF1088

After yoga I had some yogurt and another cup of coffee then went to La Playa Hermosa for a run, walk and dip.  It didn’t take long to drive there and I was able to park right on the beach under some palms trees for shade.  I wanted to go swimming at the end of my run/walk so I left my sandals in the car. Big mistake.  The sand was black and burned the soles of my feet making me run quickly for the wet sand.  It took some time walking in the surf to cool the bottoms of my feet. I need some kind of straps to tie my sandals on my back while I walk in the surf I can always leave them in the sand when I swim I just didn’t want to have to carry them while I ran.

Anyway the surf did cool my heels and I started running in the wet sand and swash from the waves.  The beach was over 6 miles long so I did not “run the beach”. I ran for until it was bordered more with rain forest and beyond where there were any people. Then, I walked for a while and took some pictures before turning back and getting a few more shots before swimming.


The waves were pretty big and the there wasn’t many people around so I was cautious in the water, but I set my things down under my cap and walked out into the surf for a refreshing did in the Pacific Ocean albeit brief. If you can enlarge the pictures you will see the size of this wave, that is not the horizon  (wave on the right) it’s the wave building before breaking (image on left).

There is a surf school along the beach and with this spectacular surf I can see why.  I went swimming where there were surfers out beyond me as the power of the ocean is great and the pull difficult to hold you position in the water even when not out far.  I saw a family with a little kid in a life vest get nervous when the kid was floating down the beach quickly away from them.

Hero daddy, ran him down and saved him receiving thanks from his fearful wife.  However, that didn’t stop them from staying in the surf longer with their child and they were all soon happily struggling with the current.

My next task was to get $1000 in US currency for the second payment of my rental.  That was an adventure.  First, the ATM’s were in spanish and even the bilingual ones were limited as that the further I got into the transaction it reverted back to Spanish and it would only dispense the cash in clones and Nathalie wanted Dollars.

So, I decided to go into the bank.  It is much different then in America.  First, they are heavily guarded with security including going through two locking security doors before getting in.  Then the people at the information desk can’t speak English and eventually refer me to an area of waiting where I see about 30 people sitting in chairs or standing around waiting to be served.  I can see no “take a number” not even “tomar un número” anywhere all the signs were in Spanish and decided to find try their ATM again.  I was able to get out of one of the personas at the information desk that I could get up to $1000 dollars.  However, I couldn’t.

I decided to get some lunch and stopped at a sidewalk restaurant for a beer and burrito . I practiced a meditation while waiting for lunch of letting go of the negative fears, loneliness, anger and accepting the world as it is which helped me have a nice lunch.  Listening to the spanish spoken around me while watching a soccer game on the flat screen TV.

I went back to my car where I had left my iPhone to see if I could get instructions on the internet as to actually getting dollars instead of colones from the ATMs.  I was prompted  to look for the different symbols on my credit/debit card which I did. Only to my horror find that I did not have the debit card with all my money in it in my possession.  Here stranded  in a foreign country where I can’t seem to find anyone that speaks English and no money.

I panicked what else could I do?  I thought I might have left it in the ATM machine and if I did that might be a disaster as the ATMs were quite busy as nobody wanted the wait in the bank unless they had to I guess?  My second thought was it might have fell out of my wallet at the restaurant. So, I followed my steps back towards the bank past the restaurant.

As soon as I looked where I sat in the restaurant I saw my card under the seat where it had fallen. Boy was that a relief.  So, I then find an ATM that gives me a choice Calones or Dollars.  I chose dollars only to be told I couldn’t take more then $500 a day.  I tried $500 and it still wouldn’t give me any money. I called the credit card company they indicated no problems and that they only say the inquiry into how much money was in my account which I did after it denied me the money.  That was interesting too as it was over 12,569,937.0901 coloneys or something like that but it wouldn’t let me have any of it.

I even went to Croc’s a casino and gentleman’s club and resort to see if their ATM was helpful.  It was again all in Spanish and only wanted to disburse calones with no one being very helpful.  I walked out a looked at their infamous pool. Where there are suppose to be some independent contractors at night from what I’ve read in the tourist stuff on the internet.  However, all I saw was some middle aged men and women enjoying the pool.  The Casino itself was rather small but the resort nice and the attendant at the gate was friendly.  But no dollars!

I finally gave up and emailed Nathalie and was able to pay the second payment via the internet instead of dollars.  What a hassle.

But thats not it guys.  The continuing saga of Rocky goes on as while he’s in Tempe with my son my son doesn’t want to watch him so I need to get something done soon and it’s going to cost me much more then I had budgeted.   He is proposing putting Rocky in a dog sitters’ house for $20-$30 a day which is going to be pretty pricey.

I am looking into having him shipped home and hope my house sitter along with my neighbor can watch him while I’m gone, but even that’s going to  take $$.  Having him come here is not really an option now due to the vet cert stuff and the fact that the car I have is too small.  I also think he would be miserable in this heat.

So, now tomorrow I’ve got to call people to see if I can arrange that.  My dear friend Hyiah Syria is helping me arrange transportation, but I need to talk with Marina and Kim.  Hyiah would take Rocky to her place in Ashland but i think he would be more comfortable at my house.  I was okay with Ash’s as he’s known Ash since he was a puppy and he really like him.

Anyway after all that I decided not to go out and taste the night life until I’m a little better with my Spanish and Rocky is okay.  I skinny dipped in the pool by the house this evening which was refreshing and cooling after the hot day.

Here is a picture of the pool at night.DSCF1092

Tomorrows a new day and I did find where there are some horseback excursions, zip line tours and massage parlors while I was dealing with all the banking stuff, but I’ve got to get Rocky settled before I can actually take time to do anything other then run, walk or swim on the beach in the mornings. I hope to find a solution for Rocky soon.

Adios and Namasté

Master Steve sans Rocky Dog.



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