On The Beach At Jaco

Today I went to the beach and took a walk, It’s quite a large beach with few people on it and a few people in the water. It was still early and when I left there were more people on the streets.  Here there is a man playing with his dog the way Rocky and I were suppose to do.  The surf was very forgiving and I’m sure Rock would have had a great time.  It was quite hot and the water warm but being in the water was cooler then being on the shore.

I lathered in sunscreen spf-30 before leaving the Casa but could feel my skin getting quite hot.   I wore a tank top and swim trunks, later I noticed a bit of a tan line already from the tank top.  So, I know I would have been beet red if I hadn’t used the sun screen.

Took some pictures of the water and the people. In this picture I was looking out into the water through the LED viewfinder and had a limited view of what I was taking but I think it was good timing.  Do you agree?  I’m sure Rocky would.


There were little kids swimming and bigger kids surfing.



You can see the forest coming down to the beach.. At the end of the beach is a surf camp .

Out by the man on the paddle board to his right is a man swimming past the breakers.  DSCF1050

Here is a long view of the beach it is 3.5 km long and pretty flat.  This is low tide. High tide being about 2.5 hours away.  It was too hot to stay and I needed to go grocery shopping as there was nothing at the house. So, I wasn’t there for high tide, but you can tell that the surfing must be good with this long low beach.


I came across a young woman lying on her back, legs spread apart letting the waves come over here from her toes to her breasts one wave after the other in a slow motion dance from the ocean. The water was quite warm, her head was a little higher up the slope so her face didn’t get wet.  She looked very happy!

Later when I walked back she was kneeling while a young man was lying the same way she was while she was putting beach sand on him letting the waves run over him and washing the sand into a mud bath.  It looked quite sensual.    I think they were Tantra practitioners expanding their bliss with the ocean’s kiss.

Here is a shot of the condo’s and other housing by the beach.  There also appears to be some beautiful ladies by that convertible. One of the fanciest cars I’ve seen here.  Also, you can see they are very dog tolerant at the beach. DSCF1049

After shopping I took a siesta then decided to wait until tomorrow to do more exploration. I still don’t have a GPS map which limits my excursions at this time, but I hope to have that rectified soon.

I’ve been checking on Spanish language programs and they have combo programs like Spanish and surfing; spanish and yoga as well as Spanish and photography.  I will find one to register for a couple of weeks with total immersion, perhaps the one with yoga at first, then maybe some surf lessons later.  They pretty much take up much of the morning (2 hours) and that is the coolest time around here.  I want to go horseback riding on a beach and will look into that in a couple of days.

One last look at the beach DSCF1046

Buenas noches mis amigos

Steve (Rockydogs pal)


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