Costa Rican Bound Doggie

Hi y’all, I’m resting here in Tempe Arizona getting set to fly to Costa Rica. I’ve never flown before so I’m kinda excited/nervous but Steve tells me that he’ll be on the same plane and I’ll just stay in my “sky kennel” that I rode down here in in the car.  It’s roomy enough but I’d rather be were I can get scratches on my head, ears and  butt.

We started earlier then we had originally planned (as Steve explained to me) because the USDA vet that needed to stamp the certification of my health from my vet were closing early and there was only one place to get the stamp in CA – Sacramento.  So, we went down and spent New Year’s Eve with our friends Chase and Chris.  We are very grateful for their generosity and I think Chris really likes me.  I like her a lot and Chase too!



Here I am at Ash and Daniela’s .  They’re making breakfast and I’m very interested as it smells like bacon. DSCF1017

It was bacon as I got a scrap, hmmm delicious.  Gone in a nano second though.

Here’s Master Steve New Year’s Eve.  Doesn’t he look a little “lit”?DSCF0981

A better picture (I’m told) of Daniela and Ash.DSCF1016

We’ve got a couple of days to hole up here then it’s on to the airport (Tuesday) in Phoenix and 11 hours later (lay over and plane change in Dallas) we’ll be in San Jose Costa Rica.  Steve and I plan to do a lot of picture taking and post some nice pictures of that Central American country for y’all to see.  We can’t wait to get there.

Coming down here we’ve been learning Spanish in the car listening to CD’s .  I’m getting used to the sound of their language and learning important phrases like “ten cuidado” which means “be careful” and important verbs like “Comer”  – “to eat”.

Well,  we’re back on line so, keep tuning in for more witty commentary and pictures from Rockydog and Steve.  Steve promises to be more inspired once we get out of the country.

Adios mis amigos

RockyDog and Steve


One thought on “Costa Rican Bound Doggie

  1. Travelin’ RockyDog! You go, guy. Show the rest of us how life for the sake of enjoyment (and spirituality) is done. I, for one, appreciate vicarious doggie thrills.
    Much Love (and Music sends hers, too)


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