Home in Montague


I’m home resting on my own bed.  It feels good. DSCF0947 and still holds my scent DSCF0948

Master Steve tells me “we traveled 10,207 miles over 43 days”.  I’m not sure what a mile is but we went a long way.  I got to play in the Pacific Ocean,

DSCF0250 Puget Sound

the Atlantic Ocean

DSCF0428 at Salisbury Beach, then the Pacific Ocean again  DSCF0930 at Point Mugu

not bad for a mostly blind dog, eh?

I met wonderful people cousins, Nana Aunts and Uncles DSCF0445DSCF0439IMG_1056IMG_1029IMG_1211IMG_0358IMG_1318DSCF0453DSCF0553DSCF0488 Steve gave his only daughter away to Josh at a wedding that Disney wouldn’t let me attend. FullSizeRender 092DSCF0630   I also had a lot of fun with my wonderful sister the gypsy fortune teller Jasmine IMG_1495 We experienced wonderful sights and foliage

Arlington Pond, Salem NH  DSCF0406 DSCF0413           DSCF0412

Old Faithful, Yellow Stone National Park  IMG_0096_2 A Grizzly bear out for a stroll at Yellos Stone  IMG_0228   The Grand Tetons DSCF0354 and of course friends  Here’s Chase and Chris   DSCF0944  and more relatives DSCF0726 DSCF0685  Steve says all this wore him out so he put himself in the stocks DSCF0555 more friends. Here’s Roosevelt DSCF0257 and Jasmine and my friends Beaux and Corduroy DSCF0871 Louis and Balou were around though I didn’t see them DSCF0780  DSCF0779

All and all it was a pretty good trip a little hectic and Steve tells me that if we were to do it over again we would leave at least a week earlier so we could spend more time in the National Parks.

I’m told our next trip will be out of the country and that there will be other animals I haven’t seen, heard or smelt yet like monkeys DSCF0761 and all sorts of marine animals not like these but,.. DSCF0567 Interesting nevertheless. We will be going to Costa Rica in January.

See you later IMG_1172 Actually I won’t probably see as much as smell you so I guess I should say “smell ya later”.


Rocky Dog


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