Camarillo to Sacramento – the circle is almost complete


Good morning everyone, here I am on the beach at Point Mugu near Camarillo CA. The weather was a little cool but I didn’t mind but I wasn’t interested in going for a dip in the ocean. While it’s called the Pacific it certainly didn’t look peaceful for swimming.

DSCF0934       DSCF0935

I could just imagine my ears getting full of salty water.  Did I mention that it doesn’t taste that good I prefer swimming where I can drink at the same time.

DSCF0930           DSCF0917

However, I’ve been in the Pacific (Puget Sound), the Atlantic and the Pacific again in a little over one month.  Pretty amazing for a dog, eh?

There were some animals – I’m told “seals” by master Steve that were swimming and surfing – one caught a wave was washed ashore then clambered back in immediately.  However, Steve didn’t have his camera out so, didn’t get a picture of him but did get one of a family of seals swimming just past the breakers.  You might have to click on the picture and enlarge it to seem them better.  They are on the left side just past the breakers in the picture.


Steve was going to spread some of Eileen’s ashes there by a place they once had a lot of fun at, but after meditating decided the time/place wasn’t right.  Here we are meditating on the beach.


Here’s where they once had a grand time overlooking the breakers.

DSCF0927  That broken piece of concrete that is lying on the hill was where Steve and Eileen stood one night with Chase and Chris.  The ocean has since taken it down reminding us all that nothing is permanent and even the mighty can fall.     Here’s a picture of the Channel Islands  that Steven and Eileen once went out to on a boat.


After our little beach excursion we packed up got in the car and took off for Sacramento and our friends Chase and Chris.  Chase  and Chris are “Cat” people but Chase used to play kick ball with me when I was a pup and could see the ball.   Steve got a picture of Chase, but Chris was behind Chase and Keir’s wife (Joy) so you can’t see her.


Anyway, back to Montague today. We’ve had a chimerical journey and none of it was baneful and there was a lot of comestible things for me to eat, though master Steve sometimes wouldn’t let me eat it especially when I found it on the ground like the dropped chili dog at the rest area in the desert. Oh, and a shout out to Steve’s friend Bob Beal for supplying some words today.  I’m told he gives a list of words daily.

I will be home tonight and hopefully see my pals Music, Piper and LaPetite.  See you all later.



Rock-A-Bone Apart (AKA Rocky Dog)


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