Tempe to Camarillo and beyond

Hi folks,

It’s me Rocky, I got Master Steve to sit down and update my posts.  He says he “doesn’t want to be Master Steve if it means he has to pick up my shit and do all my blogging” .  I told him either way he has to do all that stuff because it’s written in the contract between dogs and men as well as give us food, water, bedding and snacks as appropriate.  He doesn’t think that’s fair, but I do. After all we dogs have to remain faithful ( and I’ll tell you there are a lot of ladies and men that have told me how cute I am, but,…) sit, lie, bow, roll over and other silly things to amuse our person.

Now, let us describe our day.  We got up around 5 am, I went out and “did my business” while Steve did a mediation and some yoga.  Ash got up and we all ate.  Steve loaded the car back up, hugs and love was shared all around and we took off from Tempe Arizona.  Rush hour was starting but luckily for us most of it was going the other way.

While uncle Ash’s house was nice I found Arizona a bit too Rocky for me and a little dry to the taste.

DSCF0902                 We encountered several Sequoia Cacti but since “we were traveling at 75 mph it was hard to capture them properly on the camera” Steve tells me. We did get some a couple of shots of some a short distance away from this rest stop.  DSCF0899

Believe me, they were much more spectacular close up.  Steve went to a “Rock Shoppe” before we left Tempe and purchased a rock but said they didn’t have any of the real precious rocks there that he was looking for like Turquoise.

We went through another time warp where time just suddenly changed when we got to California it was 10 am and then we went backwards in time and it was 9 am. Just like that!  Amazing how these date lines work too bad they can’t go back years, eh?

Ah,  California we’re almost home.

DSCF0905                     DSCF0906

We went to the beach out at Pt. Mugu Rock and I went into the Pacific surf up to my hocks.  It wasn’t as cold as the Atlantic but Steve says  “it was pretty fierce for the Pacific or Peaceful Ocean”.  The wind was blowing pretty strong though the sun was shining.  I asked Steve if we could get out of the wind as it was blowing into my eyes and nose.  He didn’t notice it as it was mostly down around dog level that the wind blew the sand, but he did realize it once I told him so and we left the beach.   I did leave my brown mark for the ocean to take away before we left though.  Steve didn’t get any pictures but says you guys probably wouldn’t appreciate seeing me leave my brown Mark.

We got back into the car and moved it so we overlook the ocean with the windows open a little so the air could bring it’s wondrous smells of the ocean while still blocking the sand.   Steve saw a baby seal playing in the surf and we listened to a book on disk “EAT PRAY LOVE” Elizabeth Gilbert.  Steve says it wasn’t quite the same as sitting on the beach, reading a book in the sun and listening to the surf, but it was close.  So, we spent an hour chillin’ and watching the surf. In my case it was more listening and smelling then seeing.

Tomorrow, we’ll get some pictures as we plan to go back as the wind is going to be coming from the other direction (towards the ocean) and not be as strong “according to the weather man” Steve tells me.  So, we’ll be sure to get some pictures.  After driving 7 hours and losing an hour neither of us thought of getting any pictures and just meditated fixing the memories inside our minds.

We listened to Eat Pray Love from Texas to California and I’ll tell you it was mezmorizing even for a dog like me.  I was lucky that it was in speech as I would never have been able to read it as a book. It was read by the author so it had even more authenticity in the voice.  I thoroughly enjoyed it as did Master Steve.  He said “he identified with parts of it”.  I was a little confused about this thing “consciousness’ though as all I know is right now. Here and now.

Steve here: It appears that Rocky fell asleep again during his dictation and is now pleasantly snoring on the floor. I guess he was tuckered out with all that driving today.  I’m a little tired too so I will sign off for both of us. May you all love and be loved – Eat, Pray, Love.


Master Steve


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