Today I dedicate my blog to my foster mom Eileen who died 4 years ago today.

Hey guys/gals,  We made it past Texas.  Lots of nothing punctuated by big cities and high speed limits. Sometimes it felt like we were sailing over the land with waves and wind.  Other times it was quite bumpy – especially if you ride in the back as I do.

Here is a “hill over looking the town of El Paso” (actually a big sprawling city and it was a rest stop.


I got to mark my first Yucca plant too!

DSCF0893     DSCF0889

I found out the hard way that those pointy tips on the plant don’t tickle my balls but actually hurt, so I won’t pee on a yucca plant anything soon after that.  Palm trees were easier.

We drove a long way yesterday and got to Ash and Daniela’s about 5 pm but since we went through another time warp it was more like 6pm to us (we added another hour to our day) and we were tuckered out.  However, I love Ash’s house he has a dog door that allows me to go in and out easily.  I can smell and hear the other dogs but I haven’t been able to play with them as Ash and Daniela tell us they don’t play well sometimes.

Today is the 4th anniversary of my adopted mother’s death from Cancer. Eileen was very good to me and showered me with love and affection. I could smell her cancer but couldn’t cure her so I am sad that she is gone and only hope that Master Steve can find happiness again in this life.  I know they will be together in the spiritual universe but this physical plane of existence has been difficult for him since she was taken away.

Love to her and everyone.

IMAG0151  making the most of what Chemo had done SAM_0723

Crater lake  100_1266  My back yard  100_1125.JPG She had a great sense of humor.  100_0528_1

One of Master Steve’s favorite pictures   100_0444

Here I am loving all over her . Jazz the other dog passed just after her I miss her too!


Having fun and playing with me.  I have some great memories. 100_0195

I know Steve is feeling a lot of emotions today so I’m staying right by his side.  Tomorrow we travel to Southern California to spread some of her ashes where she birthed her children and made a family out of a couple.  She was a wonderful woman and I know Steve will miss her always and I will too!

May your day be sunny and bright and may you be healthy, wise and happy.

Love and Namasté

Rocky Dog.


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