Hello y’all,

I’ve been in Texas all day long.  We drove Steve tells me “637 miles today in 11 hours” .  I can tell you it rained really hard at times in the morning and we had to slow down, but later when the sun returned we cruised.  Master Steve says the “speed limit was 80 miles per hour” and we sailed over the prairies, hills and scrub brush of Texas.

The drive around Houston and San Antonio was interesting kinda like a futuristic “sky-a-rama” at one point our GPS got confused and couldn’t find us underneath the massive concrete and steel skyways above us causing us to miss a turn and having to turn around via doing the “clover leaf” sky way to the right highway.  All this with traffic all around.  It would “make anyone want to get high” Steve tells me.  (I think he did after we passed San Antonio and the road just stretched out ahead with nothing but asphalt and scrub brush ahead.)

We didn’t get many pictures today as in the morning it was raining too hard.  In fact, we stopped at a rest area and Steve meditated before  taking me out for my “business”  hoping that the rain would die down.  It did a little but I still got wet which was no biggie for me.  As you know I’m a Labrador Retriever and love getting wet.  I would have liked it if we went out when it was really raining but I think Master isn’t into getting wet like I am.

Anyway, after the rain let up the time changed .  I think we went through some kind of time warp around Ozone, Texas or perhaps it was sooner, but it gave us an extra hour of daylight so we used it. Then we got so far out into “nowhere” Texas that there wasn’t lodging for 100’s of miles resulting in another hour of driving before stopping.

We had the Grateful Dead 50 anniversary best of live on the radio (Sirius) listening and singing along with “Truckin'” on a long extended version. Jerry also did El Paso for us as we headed for that west Texan Town. Steve tells me that,”we have about 250 miles to go”  before we get to be “on the hill overlooking El Paso”. Perhaps, we’ll see Rosa’s Cantina?

I got a kick out of the Texan welcome for dogs


I guess they think it’s funny to send the pets to the snake pit.  Anyway, I didn’t see any snakes, but then again with my eyesight I wouldn’t have seen one until it bit me.  I might have sensed one with my hearing or smell senses but the nerve to send the dogs (and cats I presume) to the snakes.

Well, that’s it for tonight. I’m a goner as all that lying around, sailing on the land in our rocket ship hybrid has me tuckered out. Steve is barely functioning on the keyboard so I will let him go and say good night to y’all.


Rocky Dog


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