On The Road Again – heading home


Well, we’ve started back and what a trip it’s been.  I got to see my extended family and play with a couple of cousins. Here’s me playing with Beaux back in Tallahasee


Today, I got to leave my mark on my first Palm tree in Pensacola Florida.

First I have to find just the right spot  IMG_1499 Then, leave my scent  IMG_1500   and since this was the first Palm Tree I’ve marked it was worth doing again.  IMG_1501

Anyway, we put in a lot of miles today and 9+ hours in the car.  We went through periods of rain and sun but the temperatures stayed pretty hot “in the high 80’s” Steve tells me with lots of humidity. We did get out and walk about a few times but I can’t wait to get to my Uncle Ash and Aunt Daniela’s.  They told me they have a couple of dogs there that would like to play with me. I hear they even have a pool.  I hope they let me swim in it.

Well, master Steve tells me that that is still a few days away of driving through Texas and New Mexico.  I hear New Mexico is enchanted so I’m wanting to check that out.  Steve isn’t too big on Texas and says it’s a lot of nothing and then more nothing for miles and miles with a few pretty places scattered here and there.

Pretty boring day.  I thought Steve was going to go to New Orleans but we just kept on driving, Oh, well at least I got to be with him all day. Much better then when he went to work and left me alone.  He talks to me and we have some one way conversations that at times can be quite lively.  Especially, when he’s telling me about some of the drivers on the road.

Well, that’s it for tonight we hope to get started early tomorrow.  Bye for now and pleasant tomorrows.


Rocky Dog


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