Halloween in Tallahasee


Hi y’all, I’m still in Tallahasee as you can see me walking in a park with my mates Beau and Corduroy.


It’s Halloween and Miss Jasmine has elected to become a gypsy fortune teller

IMG_1411  Master Steve thinks he’s some kind of Rastafarian (must be all the pot he smoked) IMG_1403

Anyway, they wouldn’t let us out to greet the trick or treaters and a couple of times master Steve even held me back. All I wanted to do was say hi and perhaps get a pat on the head.  You know me all I want to do is play.  Speaking of playing here’s a couple shots of me and Beau in dog play.  Steve made us “take it outside” a couple of times.  DSCF0882         DSCF0883

Since it is Halloween I asked Steve to get some pictures when he took Jasmine Trick or Treating.

IMG_1417    IMG_1415    IMG_1472     IMG_1485


From what I can understand it was a little scary out there with kids dressed up as monsters, goonies and crazy people.  I’m kinda glad I didn’t go. Also, I’m told that most of the treats had chocolate in them and as y’all know “chocolate isn’t good for us doggies’  .  Speaking of eating I’ve been sneaking in when no ones looking and eating Beau’s food. Master Steve gets upset and tries to keep me from it but I watch for when his back is turned I really can’t see it but I know when he is distracted and not paying attention to me .  Then I go in quick and eat.

Speaking of treats, it appears that Jasmine got a lot of treats. Here she is eating some of her loot.


Duchess wants to say hello  IMG_0358   “I don’t know why these boys/dogs are so ill behaved and they have little respect for a lady always fooling around.  I just want to say happy Halloween and pleasant dreams”. “Oh, and remember us cats are familiars for witches”

Well, I guess that’s it for tonight.  Master Steve tells me we’ll get moving again next week – I’m starting to get antcy  to get back home to see my friends Piper and La Petite.  Y’all take it easy now ya hear?

Rocky Dog


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