I’m Back.

Hi Y’al,  it’s me Rockydog here.


Master Steve seen here in his Galactic Warrior glasses (better to see the Z’s on the ships) getting ready to save the universe with Buzz Light Year.


has returned for me to dictate to him some more of my drivel (not to be confused with my dribble).  I’ve been picking up a southern drawl hanging around with my pal Beau


even Corduroy


has developed a bit of drawl in his whine/speech.

Anyway, mostly I’ve hung out with the boys here in Tallahasee going out back among the pines,


but Jasmine, got Master Steve to take us out for a walk to the park yesterday (we didn’t get any pictures) where Beau, Corduroy and I got let loose to run around a bit.  Boy, Beau can really run. Luckily he did come when Steve called him as he was going to tease some Dobermans.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I’m sharing my digs with a cat.


Her name is Duchess (and she acts likes she thinks she’s one) and is deaf like I am blind so, we as pass each other  I don’t see her (I smell her) she hisses but if I bark she doesn’t hear me. It’s kinda funny sometimes.

Anyway,  Steve told me about the Wildlife Safari he and Jasmine went on and shared some of the pictures. Here they are: DSCF0766               DSCF0820DSCF0829                   DSCF0801DSCF0786                DSCF0849

Can you spot the lions and the Warthogs?

DSCF0852             DSCF0854

Also Balou and Louis were loose among the people.

DSCF0779        DSCF0780   and this guy just hung around Steve tells me.    DSCF0761

There were some bugs. Here’s my favorite bug DSCF0861

and what safari in Florida would be complete without these guys


Well, that’s it for now Steve has got to go pick Jasmine up from school so we can go to the park again. I’ll try to get him to take some pictures at the park for you.

Have a great and wonderful present moment.


Rocky Dog


One thought on “I’m Back.

  1. I love it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your time and journey! Be safe and hugs for Jasmine and you!
    Thankful for all we share!


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