A Disney Wedding

Hello everyone, it’s me Steve again (Rocky is still chilling in Tallahasee).  I would like to share some scenes from my daughter Heather’s wedding. It took place at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and I think everyone had a fine time. Here she is with her new husband   DSCF0572   and since no Disney Tale is complete without an Evil threat we had  DSCF0571

Just kidding here are several scenes from the wedding starting with a view of the Boardwalk area.

DSCF0654   The bride, and bridal party   DSCF0645  DSCF0621

Jen and Amanda           DSCF0625

Jasmine and mom looking to each other with love and Joy in their hearts.   DSCF0629

The scene at the beach You can see a few of my sisters partying up with the rest. DSCF0685DSCF0724

Geri (The mother of the brides sister)    DSCF0726

Josh (the lawyer) making sure the contract is signed. IMG_1386

Brother (Ash) and sister DSCF0623

Josh (Groom) rolling up his sleeves to feed his new bride. DSCF0687DSCF0715     Jen (Maid of Honor) DSCF0699

even the fish were partying DSCF0567

and the Father of the Bride got his ears.                   IMG_1395   IMG_1392       

The ceremony       DSCF0672

A Disney Wedding    DSCF0521

Today is Animal Kingdom and back to Tallahasee.

Adios Amigos

Master Steve

PS remember to click on the images to get a bigger picture.


3 thoughts on “A Disney Wedding

  1. Looks like a lovely time was had by all ! – I’m sure Rocky had a fine time back home. Thanks for sharing Steve – Love to all your big family.


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