Disney World

Hi all, Steve here

IMG_1356    with Jasmine       DSCF0535 Saving the Universe and riding an magic carpet (ride).

I’m without Rocky who is in Tallahasee with Corduroy and Beau probably just laying around the back yard.

DSCF0485 DSCF0488  DSCF0491   DSCF0492

I’m sure he will have lots to tell you and me when I get back to him tomorrow night.

Anyway, I thought I’d fill you in on what’s been happening.  Jasmine (my granddaughter) and I have been exploring Disney and even saving the galaxy in the Magic Kingdom. This place is huge and there are so many people I’m sure Rocky would not like it (he’d probably like to go swim in the lakes though), but there are so many people that you get a headache from the noise they generate.  Here’s Hollywood Studios (not my fave) Saturday.

DSCF0495 some of the strange characters  in line with us

DSCF0534   and of course we need an evil woman DSCF0571 too!

Here’s my daughter greeting me when we met up at Hollywood Studios.  I’ll get some pictures of her in her wedding gown today to share tonight DSCF0496

DSCF0555 This is Sunday in the Magic Kingdom and I’m a little confused (I’m told my head was suppose to go through the big hole) and overtime I put Jasmine in the stocks she was able to get out DSCF0553  so I locked her up in the galactic prison DSCF0575  but she thought that was funny and just walked through the bars.

Here’s my son with me and Jasmine “the three mouseketeers”  Except Ash and I lost our ears.  DSCF0506  This is Heather’s friend Cari who joined us for Magic Kingdom


IMG_1356  Anyway, I’ve got to run and save the universe by giving my daughter away – in marriage today.

Master Steve.


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