Well, we made it to Tallahasee to see my other family Jasmine, Heather and Corduroy.  I could smell them when I was in the front of their house.  Here I am sniffing the air for information.


When we got here Heather was at work and Jasmine at school so I had some time to visit with my old friend Corduroy for awhile.  It’s sad as he’s the same age as me but has aged quite a bit.  I guess the Florida Sun is too much for him as he is a chocolate lab and his brown coat absorbs more of the heat/sun then my white/yellow coat.  He also has bad arthritis which makes it difficult for him to get up and walk.  I felt sorry for him but we were well met.

Speaking of well met.  I also met Beau and Harley (Josh’s dogs) who are very friendly and I had some fun with Beau as he loves to play. However, he is too quick for me as just when I want to go after him  he’s gone and I can’t see where he went, but it’s still fun.  Eventually he stops rolls over and lets me sniff and tickle his belly and underparts.  Here’s a couple of pic.s of us playing.  In the first one I am kicking up dust in his face after he juked me.  It was fun being free from my harness and playing with him today.  He is only 3 so loves to play.

IMG_1318               IMG_1321

We don’t have an pictures of Corduroy nor Harley yet but will post them tomorrow.  Steve also was too busy hugging and kissing Jasmine and listening to Heather (she talks non stop sometimes) I love the sound of her voice.

Anyway,  I just wanted you all to know that we are here in Florida and master Steve tells me we’ll be here for a little over a week before trekking back to California – the southern route. So, there is plenty of time to get more pictures of Jasmine, Heather, Corduroy, Harley and Josh.  Thought probably not before DisneyWorld as they are leaving today.   Steve is waiting until tomorrow to go, something about money and driver fatigue.  I’m not going as Disney doesn’t allow dogs -bummer so, I will be staying here with the rest of the dogs. The  young lady who will be taking care of us will come over tonight to meet me. I hope she’s nice.

Here’s where we stayed the last night on the road in Byron Georgia just outside of Macon.  Steve tells me Smoky is a bear but I didn’t smell any bears around this place.  I did in the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and even the Shenandoah’s .  I did however smell smoke in the room that Steve rented for the night as the only ground floor room was a “smoking room” .  It smelled yucky!  Even after the lady came and sprayed it with room deodorizer.  Steve but the heat on and sprinkled some Eucalyptus oil around so it smelled better. The best part of this stay was “smoky’s house” – too bad they wouldn’t let me sleep in there. It was perfect for a dog.


Talk with you soon, though the next few days Steve will have to speak for himself as I will be lying around the house while he and Jasmine do Disneyworld. I know they will have fun.

Ta ta for now friends.

Rocky Dog

PS remember if you click on a picture it will blow up and you can see details better.


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