Hi folks,  it’s me Rocky Dog.  I don’t have much to report today as this was a day of chillin’ not travelin’  and I just kinda laid around.


I did go out back with Beau and my old cousin Corduroy. Here are some pictures of those guys.DSCF0491   DSCF0488

I feel bad for Corduroy as he has a hard time walking and sometimes his hind quarters just give out on him.  It’s even difficult for him to “do his business” a lot of the time.  Beau is fun and he and I have some good times playing in the back yard. He likes to run fast but I throw dirt at him and then tickle his belly.  It’s fun.

Oh, I think I told you about steps and how they are a problem for me.  Well, this place has a couple of steps that I don’t have problems going up but getting down them it’s scary.  Master Steve needs to assist me as the floor is slippery and I’m afraid I’ll fall on my face.  He tried to get me to do it by myself by having my food at the bottom but after a half and hour or so he gave up and helped me get  down to the food.  I’m glad  I have him around to help me when I need it.

However, tomorrow he is leaving me, Corduroy and Beau to the care of a young lady named Mellisah. I met her tonight and she is nice.  She gave me some loving and petted me in all the right places so, I think she will be okay.  Master Steve showed her how to help me  put my harness on to go down the stairs, so I can out back with the other boys.  Steve is going to a place called DisneyWorld that Jasmine says is the “happiest place on earth” .  I’m not sure as they don’t allow dogs.  How can anyplace be the “happiest place on earth” without dogs?

I don’t mind though as my favorite person Heather is getting married to her favorite person Josh on Monday.  The are planning a fairytale wedding so I guess it’s only right to go to a place with fairies and fantasies, eh?

Well, that’s it for now.  I guess Steve will have to write by himself the next few days as I’m going to be chilling’ here in Tallahasee with my friends Cord and Beau while he, Jasmine, Josh, and Heather are having a ball at that Disney place.  I hear they have a cartoon dog Pluto there so I think they only discriminating against real dogs.

DSCF0492  The back yard.

Love to all and Namasté

Rocky Dog


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