Macon Bacon

Hi y’all I’m down here in Georgia  right outside of Macon where Steve tells me “the Allman Brothers Band had some roots” – I know about roots, I know their tastes and their scents.  Steve says “this is where Duane Allman died in a tragic motorcycle accident on a road just like the one we are on now”.  He told me that “he drove into the side of a flatbed truck like the ones we saw on the highway.”   The way some of those truck drivers drove I could see how that could be done even if he “wasn’t high on drugs”  as Steve said.  Luckily, we didn’t meet too many flat beds or big rigs on the smaller roads (where Duane died) they were all on the Interstate.

We drove down from Virginia, through North Carolina, South Carolina and into Georgia and I left my scent in all these states.  I even wrote a new doggy song.  “Oh, I’m a traveling doggie, made a lot of stops, all over the states and in every stop I left me pee, and poop occasionally”.  What do ya think?  Master Steve says “it’s plagiarism”.  I say  “it’s satire”.   Here’s a rest stop in Georgia where I left my scent. I even scratched the ground really good in a couple of places as I wanted all the other dogs to know that “Rocky was here”.


The drive this morning was much better then the end of yesterday as the trucks were minding their manners. “Probably because  the police were pulling some of them over” Steve said “and on many of the roads we were driving on there were some  lane restriction for the trucks”.  I think that the fact the master Steve took some time this morning to practice some yoga helped him be calmer too!  However, I don’t like it when he meditates too long as he doesn’t move and I worry about him.  Usually I go up to him and put my cold wet nose on his skin.  It’s guaranteed to get a response.

Well, there’s not much else to report except to say I can’t wait until I see Jasmine, Heather and Corduroy tomorrow.  Cord and I were buds and Jasmine is so wonderful, she used to hug me and kiss me. She and Heather even let me sit in their  laps.  They tell me I’m a Lab not a Lap dog, but I don’t care I love to sit in their lap.

Well, I’m going to bed now so we can be fresh tomorrow. I’ve marked the hotel’s perimeter so I can find my way around and now I’m laying down.  Good night,…

Steve here: Rocky has conked out for the night and is snoring.  Here’s a picture of him conked out.


So. I’ll finish up for him.  We had pretty smooth ride down here and were looking for a place to spend the night when the GPS said there was a hold up around Atlanta so it wanted to re-route us to a faster route.  I couldn’t find a hotel anywhere on the main highway so I opted to follow the GPS.  It took us down 3 lane and 2 lane highways, through the country, past horse farms and lots of Baptist churches.  It was a pleasant ride without much traffic and no big trucks going in my direction, but it didn’t have any hotels until we got to Macon and the Interstate.  Good news is: we have a short drive tomorrow to Tallahasee, Heather, Jasmine, Corduroy and Josh.

Anyway, goodnight and here is another picture of Rock


Master Steve – “I’m not a real speciest, I have a master’s degree,..”


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