Bringing Boo Home

Today was less “blurred states” leaving Pennsylvania we went on down into Maryland, skimmed by West Virginia and spent most of the day in Virginia.


Still here just outside of Roanoke.  We took a break from all the bullying of trucks on the interstate, they were bad I could hear Master Steve, MS curse more then a few times as well as feel the changes of inertia when he had to slow down or speed up.  It was bad I will let Master Steve explain.


“I’ve never seen as many trucks as was out there today, traveling in the #1 lane, pulling in and out passing on the right, big heavy trucks with heavy loads strapped to flat beds.  Two lanes for the flow of traffic with speeds of 70mph – the trucks going 78 and nothing being done.  I had a cop come up from behind and he saw the same thing I saw with trucks speeding and weaving in and out, but he just went by them.  I wanted him to light them up, but that’s not the way things are done around here I guess.  I was wondering when the people on the eastern seaboard (I also saw this in many other states too!) would wise up and not let trucks bully them on the road.  When the speed limit is lower for trucks they are less likely to create the blocks in the flow of traffic – especially if they cannot “travel” in the #1 lane. ”

“I had times that I was literally surrounded by Big Rigs so that I could not even read any signs nor even take an exit with one truck tailgating me, one flying up on my right and another one right in front of me.  It was madness! Anyway, I bailed from that for awhile with a side trip to Skyline Drive.  I’ll let Rocky take the narrative  back up from here.”


I thought he’d tell you about all the colorful names he used – it was quite lively in the car at times. LMTO.  Anyway, we took a break and drove slowly through the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park. I’ve been to three National Parks (Gran Teton NP; Yellowstone, NP and now Shenandoah NP) and a few National Forests, but neither master nor I can remember their names other then Shoshone National Forest right now.   here’s some pictures from Shenandoah National Park.

Shenandoah Valley looking WNW DSCF0459

The Smokies are in the distance.  Same Vally look WSW


Looking East near Compton Gap


and Skyland


Steve tells me that he and Boo spent part of their honeymoon at Skyland.  We took a hike around where they stayed and Steve spread some of her Ashes saying he was “bringing her home where she spent a large part of her life” .  So, now whenever anyone who knew her and loved her visit Shenandoah National Park they will visit one of her resting places.  Namasté Boo.

Near her resting place in Skyland.

DSCF0475  We would have stayed at Skyland but they were all booked up.

Well, the rest and hike did us both some good and we were off on some more kamikaze driving with the trucks.  Steve was much better with “letting it go” for much of the rest of the drive  but he did get rather stressed just before we stopped saying, he “couldn’t read the lodging signs.  We finally stopped for the night in Troutville, Virginia just a few miles north of Roanoke.  Master Steve tells me we may stay here longer in the morning so we can work out before driving as we only have about 10 hours of driving left before Tallahasee and we have a couple of days to get there.

This is what I think about that (hint click on the picture)


Later, ta ta, adios goodnight, goodbye, wag of my tail and a bow to you.


Rocky Dog and Master Steve, MS (“I’m not a speciest. I have a Master’s degree,…”)


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