Blurred States

Good Morning all,  this will be a short post today as we want to get truckin’ .  We hope to stay in the Blue Ridge Mountains tonight.

I recall a discussion that Steve, Barbara, Celeste, David, and Bill had regarding some song called “blurred lines” as to if it was “ripped off”  or not.  It was a quite lively discussion (probably why I can recall it after all I am a dog) and entertaining to me.  However, I digress.  I call yesterday “blurred states” because we went through so many in a short time.  Let’s see I recall peeing, scratching or pooping in: NH, Mass, Conn, NY, NJ and PA.  Quite a feat for a pup. Do ya think?

Here I am marking Pennsylvania

IMG_1270   IMG_1268

I thought these plants were pretty.  First I”m checking them out, then after watering them, walking away knowing that I am a traveling doggy and we’ve got to get trucking’.

IMG_1266      IMG_1267

Well, that’s the update for now.  Next we’ll go through Virginia and into the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We’ll be in Florida by Friday at the latest.

Love and Namasté

Rocky Dog


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