Last day in Salem

Hi again,

I guess from the title you can guess that we’re getting ready to hit the road again.  I’m not sure that that is what I want but I do want to stay with master as he has been looking out for me all along the way.  At his mother’s I got spoiled and was given food just about every few minutes. Of course, I didn’t mind but master kept telling his mom “No” (she didn’t always listen though and snuck it to me anyway).  When it was time to go she didn’t want me to go.  She was okay with Steve leaving it was me she said she loved.

Well as promised we got some pictures of Jake to share. Jake came out of his hiding place today a little more. He’s Ethel’s cat and keeps her company when he wants to. He’s not as good as a dog “cause dogs come when their called – most of the time (as long as there is not some over riding smell to get our attention).  I think he’s getting used to me being here.  Anyway, here he is:

DSCF0453    DSCF0451

He’s a spooky cat and Steve says he reminds him of “Boo” a black cat Eileen had when he met her until she died when Heather was born.  I hear cats are witches familiars and the spirits sometimes are transported in cats. It’s why us dogs’ don’t always like them as we prefer the living to the “undead”.  I also met a couple of dogs today that were friendly but their play was aggressive as they were “herding” dogs as their master explained to Steve.  I knew they were just playing but even  with each other they looked like they were going to bite each other. However, it allowed me to bark my deep bark along with them freeing my voice for awhile today.  Steve didn’t have his camera with him so no pictures of them, but they were a pleasant diversion from all the people.

I also got some food from Uncle Tommy who was friendly to me. He likes horses and watched horse racing all day. Here he is in his chair.


Steve says he’s a typical Yankee shaped by harsh winters and the granite rock that is all over the place around here.  We were suppose to meet up with a few friends from Steve’s past but they had other things that got in the way and Steve decided to leave a day early so he doesn’t have to feel pressured on the drive down to Florida. I think he’s also ancy to get going.

So far it’s been a long strange journey and there is  more to go then we’ve already been through so, check back for more updates. The first part was “losing ourselves’ which we did pretty well more then a couple of times – despite GPS.!  Kinda a reverse “on the road with Jack Kerouac”.  Instead of finding ourselves the goal was to lose ourselves,.   The second part is to be more like “on the road with Charlie” and to find out what America is all about.  Which so far is pretty schizo.  I’m/We’re really curious about what comes next. So far, we’ve seen that the american people are pretty diverse and often pretty self centered.

Here’s a song  that was completed on the trip.

My boots.

My boots are all full of holes because I’ve walked 10,000 miles

I’ve searched throughout the land, for a gal to take my hand

You can’t catch a gal with a broken lariat, but if I had my horse I’d be all set.

My horse, is too lame to ride so, I left him by the side

My life’s an empty corral since I lost my loving gal.

Now, I’m in the country and I don’t know what to do, but if I had my dog he’d see my through.

My dog, is too blind to see, but he’s walked right next to me

I’ve crossed, the great divide, just to see the other side

I’ve traveled  the country, from sea to shining sea, and in the end I hope to find me

What do ya think? Steve and I worked on this while going back and forth across the continental divide. Not bad for a blind doggie eh ]

Well, Steve says “we’ve got to start early tomorrow so need to get some shut eye” tonight. So, I’ll talk with you all later.


Rocky Dog



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