At the Beach

Hi all,  yesterday was an interesting day as we started out just touring around Salem NH looking  at the fall foliage around Arlington Pond.  Steve took some interesting pictures for me to share with you here are a few.

DSCF0405  DSCF0417

DSCF0413  DSCF0402

DSCF0406  DSCF0408         DSCF0409

Steve says he grew up swimming, water skiing, boating and even ice skating on this lake, he even wrote horses around near the lake/pond. I could tell that it was pretty cool but the colors I pick up are not as vibrant as the ones you can see.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I did noticed that there was a duck swimming in the lake but master wouldn’t let me jump in to get it. In fact, he didn’t let me swim at all in this pond.

After the tour here we went to his sister Debbie’s to see her and her husband Henry who couldn’t come to Salem as he has to fly to Houston today.  I like Debbie and Henry as they are dog people and spoiled me while I was there (I like being spoiled). I even climbed up and down their stairs without much trouble.  I could smell that they had a dog (Bailey) who used to lie around their house, but he is gone now.   The stairs inside had carpet on them so they were a little softer on my toes. Here is a picture of Debbie, Steve and me in Nashua, NH.


Then we went to the beach and I got to go in the Atlantic Ocean, taste it and run on the beach.

DSCF0428       DSCF0429

Now, I’ve been in the Pacific (two weeks ago) and the Atlantic Oceans.   They smell a little different but taste pretty much the same – “salty”.  Here is a picture of Steve’s sister Celeste and her husband David’s condo. I’m told that “it is on the top floor of the green building in the center of the picture looking out at the ocean.  I think it’s cool that they get to run on the beach anytime they want or just nose around like I did.

DSCF0422  DSCF0424

We went up into their condo – I got to ride an “elevator” for the first time.  and I ate my usual “Kibble” but Celeste also fed my some organic natural treats which I hungrily ate up right away. Here’s a picture of me with David and Celeste as well as me just laying around the kitchen. I love kitchens they smell great (of food) and the tile is cool on my belly.

DSCF0447    DSCF0437

The people had some great smelling food but I only got a little. It was stuffed haddock freshly caught the same day stuffed with lobster.  It smelled delicious and tasted the same though as I said they didn’t share very much with me.  Here’s Celeste preparing the meal.  She and David love to entertain at their condo they said.


Then the people sat around talking. laughing, drinking and arguing about the drug epidemic, alcoholism, and politics. Sometimes they talked about growing up in their family.  Celeste told her brother (Steve) and sister (Barbara) that she was grateful for growing up in their family with lots of debate and bickering as it taught her how to stand up for herself, though at first she wanted everyone just to agree.  However, she eventually parlayed her survival skills honed at home in helping her empower other women in her position as a vice president of a bank (TD North) entrusted to help women feel more empowered.  I say “go girl” and “good for you”.  Here she is preparing the meal.

Here’s some more pictures from this night at Salisbury Beach of Steve and his sisters and brother in laws – Bill and David.

DSCF0439         DSCF0443


I’ll leave ya’ll with a  picture of the foliage reflection on the water at Arlington Pond, North Salem NH


Ciao for now. We’re going to Nana Bulcroft’s as well as to one of Steve’s friends – Malcome’s today.

Love and Namasté

Rocky Dog.


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