Salem adventures

Actually, today was suppose to be a long hike in the wood for me but Robin couldn’t make it – something having to do with an emergency – and we ended up staying with Nana Bulcroft for a long time.  I didn’t really mind as she feeds me a lot.


Master Steve told her not to give me chocolate but I would have ate it especially as it was covered in Ice Cream.

Later we went to the grave yard to visit Steve’s father’s grave site.

DSCF0401   DSCF0402

Steve and I took his brother Tommy to the Weather Vane to get some chowder for him and Ethel (Nana Bulcroft).  Then we went back to Barbara’s and kinda just chilled as everyone was busy doing something.  We were suppose to go over to master’s friend’s Bob to play some guitar and hang out but just as we were getting ready to go Bob called and had to cancel because his wife- Debbie, fell and needed to go to the hospital.  Steve told me later that she fractured her fibula – master tells me that’s a small bone in her lower leg.  I love bones but mostly to eat and master told me “no, you can’t eat it”.  I guess Debbie still needs it, eh?  We’re so sorry for her and wish her a speedy recovery.

Anyway, not much to report from Friday but I didn’t mind lying around Nana’s .  Jake the cat made a few appearances but never let me get close enough for a good smell or for Steve to get a picture.  We’ll try to get a picture of Jake before we leave.


May your day be bright and cheerful.  I’ll talk with ya later.  Today is suppose to have a little more adventure.




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