Aunt Barbara’s and the Rail Trail

Hello again,   It’s me Rocky.   I’m have a fine time at my Aunt Barbara’s as well as visiting Nana Bulcroft I got to go on a nice long trek with Steve on the Salem Rail Trail yesterday.  The scenery was nice with lots of shadows dancing in the sunlight, shifting smells and intriguing sensations and sound all around. The smells were especially strong behind Shyer’s Lobster Pound.  Steve could even notice the sea and fish smell it was so strong.  Here are a few pictures so you can see the area for yourself.  I’m told the fall colors are cool.

DSCF0374        DSCF0388DSCF0392   DSCF0372

Can you find me in this picture?


Heh, heh,  Here I am

DSCF0381  I really wanted to go out in the swampy area as it had great smells and I figured I could rustle up some birds there, but master wouldn’t untie me from my lead and made me come back just as I started to get tangled up in the weeds.  Perhaps, it was a good thing as my harness snagged a few rushes getting out.

Anyway, we were out for about an hour and we discovered a “Rescue” place for dogs and cats  – Salem Animal Rescue League and their kennel.

DSCF0394     DSCF0397

Steve said “it looks like a real nice place for the dogs and cats to be rescued at” he said “the beautiful surroundings especially this time of year, looked comforting and safe”.  I’m glad that people look out for us canids because to be frank, “we’ve forgotten how to get by by ourselves” and “we need people to love and be loved”.  Steve sings this song called “Nature Boy” and the advice The Nature Boy gives is: ” the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and to be loved in return”.  Rocky Boy other dogs, and probably cats too know this, but cats are  weird about it,  to be true. We love unconditionally!

Here I am lying around at Aunt Barbara’s

IMG_1236   IMG_1246

The weather was nice and she has a great place but I am a little uncomfortable on these things called porches that have emptiness underneath them as I can tell by sound and smell that there is nothing under the boards.  Here I am testing that I don’t fall through .


Now, I’m just looking out through the railing and checking the smells and shifting shadows.  IMG_1230

We also went over to Nana Bulcrofts and I slept around her feet while she talked.  We gave each other love and I went for a walk around her house. Here it is:

IMG_1255 IMG_1253   IMG_1259  Happy Halloween

Here’s some more pictures at Barbara’s back yard.

IMG_1241  IMG_1243  IMG_1229   DSCF0371     IMG_1241

Well, I’ll check back in later with today’s adventures, but I’m told there is a change of plans as the hike we were to go on has been canceled.   Steve’s and my new friend Robin had an emergency to take care of (Hope she is doing well) and wouldn’t be able go.  I was looking forward to meeting her and her Labs as “we’re all cousins you nose”.  Perhaps, we’ll meet before we leave this area.  Speaking of nosing people I just want to say it’s always fun to nose you.


Heh, heh


Adios amigos, time to hit the road.




2 thoughts on “Aunt Barbara’s and the Rail Trail

  1. I have enjoyed following your journey, Rocky. We hope that on the “find yourself” return journey you will continue to share your adventures. Margaux sends her well wishes for a safe trip back to the good side of the country. Hope to see you and Steve again soon.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re going down to Florida first Margaux and Kris. The Steve and I’ll get to see our friends Heather, Jasmine and Corduroy. But don’t worry we’ll be blogging our way back too! Steve says “hope for great weather”. – Rocky


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