Nana is nice!

Well, we made it to where master Steve grew up Salem, New Hampshire.  He took me for a tour first  of parts of Massachusetts and NH through the Berkshires and into the White Mountains, past some cool smelling lakes and out into woodsy areas. We traveled at a leisurely pace with plenty of pee stops in the woods.IMG_1186

I really enjoyed  smelling the trees, grass, ground, bushes and  fallen leaves.  Did I mention that the leaves were all falling around me in different shades of yellows, blue – violets to shades of grey.  Steve says he saw vermillion red maples, rose colored birches, oaks of  yellows and gold, rusts and browns and of course shades of green (blue violets to me) in the pines and evergreens. Also beautiful lakes and ponds reflecting all this wonderful splendor of color..



Our journey had us lost literally as we were following Steve’s GPS and ran into a detour as a bridge was out and while Steve and I can both swim “the car can’t” Steve told me.  Anyway this detour brought us down run down country roads lots of bumps in the back for me and even a dirt road! His Gps couldn’t find a route through and kept telling him to go back then simply had not instructions until we got closer to the “other bridge” then it was able to pick us up again. It was kinda cool  I felt like James Taylor “walking down a country road”

IMG_1185          IMG_1184

Halloween/Fall decorations were out all around here’s some as we drove by I couldn’t really see them but could tell something was flapping in the wind


Before we got to Nana Bulcroft’s we stopped to eat at a great place “The Black Forest” that advertised natural and healthy foods. I thought the place was full of great aromas                   IMG_1194 and the little that master shared with me was delicious          IMG_1196

Steve says that the food was wonderful with the best bread tasted on the trip he had a small plate of scallops on polenta with a great sauce and  a cup of New England Clam Chowder which came with some great homemade crackers.  He topped it off with a chocolate dipped peanut butter cookie which he shared a bite with me (no chocolate for me though).

Finally, we arrived at Nana’s and she was glad to see both Steve and me.  They hugged for awhile and kissed then she noticed me.  She and I instantly loved each other. She told me she couldn’t keep me because she had a cat.  I met him.  Jake is his name she kept calling him her but he didn’t have his testicles like me so, he really wan’t a he anymore anyway so who cares, eh?

Anyway, she is always hungry like me and kept asking master if I’ve been fed (which I had) and then sharing her own meal with me.  She even went into her refrigerator and found some cold chicken for me.  She kept telling me she loved me.

IMG_1212She’s really old 94 human years. In dog years I think it’s like  658!!!.   I felt protective of her and wanted to please her so stayed right by her side.IMG_1212

IMG_1225  Of course, the fact that she kept giving me treats helped a bit too!


I met her cat and he told me not to sniff his butt after he attacked me from under the bed.  All I was doing was sniffing around.  Of course, I could smell a cat as soon as I walked into the house.  He is okay but not very social.  All I wanted to do was get to nose him up close and personal.  Nothing more revealing then an ass sniff, but I guess he wasn’t interested in nosing me.  He is curious though and sneaks around to check me out.  I can sense him but not see him.  I’ll get Steve to get a picture tomorrow of Jake.


Eventually, we made it over to Aunt Barbara and Bill’s to rest and recuperate after all our driving.


Rocky Dog


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