Almost there.

Well, we went over 515 miles today, past Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, from Cleveland Ohio, through Erie, PA up to Buffalo.  Steve thought he saw some Buffalo near the Thruway but they turned out to be statues.  After his incident with the Buffalo in Yellowstone (actually Shoshone National Forest) he startled a bit.  Then we drove between the adirondacks and the Catskills until we got to Massachusetts and the Berkshires.

IMG_1177   PA

We decided to hole up her in Westfield as the traffic came to a standstill due to that human Oxymoronic invention “rush hour”. I’m told it is much longer then an hour and nobody rushes as they mostly don’t go anywhere fast. Kinda like dancin’ in the Blue Light Boogie “I couldn’t tell they were dancin’ as their feet they didn’t move!”

Anyway, we found a pretty much empty hotel (Quality Inn) with a nice manger that had had a dog that went blind from Diabetes. He was very accommodating to me.  We have a nice room with a door to the outside at the end of the hotel with direct access to some nice walking areas. However, I’ve got to get used to all the cars!  Not only cars but big trucks that make loud noises.  I’m glad Master got the adjustable leash as it allows me to feel free yet he can stop me from running into anything – walls, the road and generally most things that are inanimate.

Tomorrow, Steve tells me we are going to take our time and take some back roads so we can pull off and enjoy the foliage. He says it was beautiful with lots of Reds, Rusts, Yellows, shades of greens and browns. What do I know?  Even when I able to see I only saw yellows and blues to blue-violet.  Now, I mostly see light and dark, but boy do I smell and hear.

Whenever, I get out of the car I check for all the good smells and can tell if I like someplace by the smell in the air.  Steve lets me stand there and sniff the air or ground, taste it and generally take in all the sensations I can until I’m ready to move on.  Sometimes, he tries to hurry me but that’s okay because he’s a good master and takes me on long treks with him. Much better then staying home alone or in some – Kennel!

Here I am at our first stop.  I’m not very happy with this place (I really wanted to go to a park and take a run) but it was better then later when all the “rest stops” were these commercial “service areas” completely denuded of the big trees with the dying leaves and limited areas for us dogs to explore – mostly concrete with lots of cars and trucks. Oh, and lots of junk food.  It was an overwhelming smell.


Love and best wishes to all.  I/we hope you are enjoying our travels.  Tomorrow we should be able to get some better pictures of the foliage. Then I get to meet Steve’s Mom. I hope she likes me.


Rocky Dog


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