“Well, I’m a traveling dog, I’ve made a lot of stops and at every stop I’ve left my mark, to entice all the girl dogs and infuriate the boys. I’ve peed on trees , I’ve peed on bushes, poles and shrubs. I’ve tasted the taste of each state I’ve been in, smelled the smells, heard the sounds and felt the breezes on my whiskers.  I’ve run into things that I couldn’t see, but hey that’s me. I’m Rocky!”

Hey, boys and girls humans and other sentient beings today we gave meaning to the tune Traveling Dog. We went through or touched several states including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and now we’re in Ohio.  Oh, and another time zone. “We’re now on eastern standard time” Steve tells me but I’ve got my own time going and the sun has been coming up earlier and earlier as we progressed east.

I’m bushed and all I had to do was lie around and take a walk every couple of hours.  However, we ended up going about 3 hours without a stop going around Chicago  as there was “nowhere to stop”, Steve said.  He grunted a lot and cursed a few times, he even gave a few nut cases – “the finger”.  Then he would take a big breath,  say “let go” and keep on truckin’.

Speaking of Truckin’ Steve tells me we’re gonna be “trucking up to Buffalo” and he’s been “thinkin’ you got to mellow slow” (we can only hope) tomorrow morning, then up through New York State and into western Massachusetts.  Maybe  we might push it into Salem New Hampshire it depends,… .  He’s singing, ” Truckin’, I’m a goin’ home. Whoa, whoa baby, back where I belong.  Back home sit and patch my bones and get back truckin’ on.”  He’s a little goofy but I love him.

Well, not much to take pictures of today but here I am out back of our hotel (Days Inn) they have a nice area for us dogs with fall foliage all around.  Steve tells me there were some pretty trees along our route too, but he thinks it’s going to get a lot better tomorrow.  I can’t wait to get out and smell all the dying leaves and the musky smells of damp fragrant woods.  Then of course I’ll leave my mark to say “Rocky was here”. I might even scratch the ground a bit like I did today with both front and back paws – that is like putting an exclamation point plus!!


Steve here: Rocky feel asleep and was snoring by the time we got to the exclamation point, so I’ll just say “good night” for him and “Buenas Noches.”

Master Steve

ps Hey, I was only taking a dog nap.  Good night folks – Rocky.


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