South Dakota

Hello guys and gals,

Today was a rather boring day with lots of driving.  I got out every hour or so and there were some big rest stops where I could run and play but mostly I slept in the back while Steve told me what was happening.  It appears we drove past Devils Tower  (made famous he says from the movie  Close encounters of the third kind);  then past Mt. Rushmore ( we drove through the city of Rushmore) and past the Bad Lands of South Dakota, through Sturgis (made famous by a motorcycle rally that happens there and through the Black Mountain Hills of South Dakota where my name sake “Rocky Raccoon” was born.   We didn’t stop because we spent a couple of days at YellowStone and were behind schedule.  I am trying to get Master to stop more often and not be so focused on a goal of getting someplace.  I tell him just enjoy the moment and to remember that joy and happiness are found along the way not at the end of the destination.  We’ll see if he stops more today he says he will not be so pressured, but we’ll see.

We didn’t get a lot of pictures today as the speed limit was 80MPH and we went by things so fast on the highway and the rest stops were not in the best places for pictures.  However, we will try to some today .  Here is one of Steve with the fall foliage behind him and one of wildflowers near our hotel in Mitchell South Dakota.  Next stop Madison Wisconsin.

IMG_0667  Here’s the wildflower  IMG_1153and here’s some aspen in their fall foliage “aspen gold”.IMG_0247

Talk to you all later and hope you are enjoying our travels.  I’m starting to look forward to the new places with new smells and sensations.


Rocky Dog


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