South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin

Today we got started a little later then yestermorning but I didn’t mind much as I got a longer walk and had some time to leave some pmail for all the other dogs that were passing through.  There was a lot of junk pmail but also several very interesting comments.  By the way, master Steve read me some comments from my loyal fans which I really enjoy hearing.  Uncle Rick told us to “keep truckin'”  which we did – all day!

Here I am checking out Minnesota at our first rest stop of the day.  It is a real interesting place the smells were different and when I tasted the grass it tasted just like soda.  Can you imagine that?  Or at least that what Steve thought I said it tasted like.  IMG_1155


We were at this huge rest stop that was pretty IMG_1166 but when I was walking around  the perimeter with Steve a man from the information booth came out and told us I couldn’t be there and we had to go to the dog exercise area.

Only problem Steve pointed out was the sign for the Dog area pointed to the interstate and that didn’t seem like a good idea. The man said “yeah, they are suppose to put a fence up there.  Some kind of humor people have in Minnesota, eh?  However, other rest stops had the dog area in the back of the back parking lot well away from the Interstate.  I think someone who didn’t like dogs designed the first one.

IMG_1156  IMG_1158

Minnesota had lot of different smells and sounds.  Steve told me about the beautiful trees, rivers and other natural beauties as we drove.  He said they even had the obligatory big red barns and lots of corn.(I knew that as I could smell the fodder that was left in the fields.

We traveled 500 miles today much more then I could have done without Master bringing me in the car.  I’m starting to wonder what the next state will taste and smell like.  Master is trying to take pictures so if I ever get my sight back I’ll be able to see where I’ve been.  However, I really remember smells, sounds, and tastes much better – even when I had my sight.

We didn’t practice spanish today as Steve had a “talking book” and we listened to all but the last few chapters.  I guess we’ll find out who did it tomorrow.  The book is called “Mystery” and it’s alright but master sometimes doesn’t like it when they ignore obvious clues and send us (the reader) down wrong way alleys which are obviously wrong and dead ends.  It’s amazing that Milo and Alex ever solve anything.  Must be Deus Ex Machina.  Didn’t know I knew any Latin did you?

Crossing from Minnesota into Wisconsin was actually pretty but due to road construction (all along our route at different times) Steve had to really pay attention and could only get glimpses of the islands and other natural beauties. Steve pointed out that most of the construction was fixing the many bridges we had to go over saying something about crumbling infrastructure but gratitude that they were doing something about it.

Our goal was to make to Madison and we were about 30 miles shy of that when we needed gas. After getting some coffee it was time to find a motel using in Madison, but Steve noticed several hotels right here in Wisconsin Dells  where we had stopped for gas.  I indicated I was ready to stop for the night and it was time for me to be fed.  Steve didn’t take much convincing I think he was bushed as I know I was.   Here I am checking into my room. IMG_1169

Here’s a picture we took on my walk around the hotel showing some of the fall foliage.  I met another dog on my walk and she told me she had just been adopted from the rescue center last spring (she was 2 years old) and that autumn smells were totally different from the spring smells around this place.  I asked her to play so she and I played around a bit while her mistress filled Steve in on all she was telling me. IMG_1174

I just want to say it is good to nose you.


Just a little doggy humor.  Heh, heh, heh,…


Good night now, I’ve been fed, watered walked,  and I’m bushed. Truckin’  is a lot more work then lying around the yard let me tell you.


Rocky Dog


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